Barista Cold Brew Soft Serve

Barista Cold Brew Soft Serve

With Summer here, your favourite drink just got a lot more exciting with Cold Brew Coffee soft serve designed to give customers their morning kick with the enjoyment of a soft serve product. 

Barista Technology has partnered with Passport Specialty Coffee in Brisbane to produce a 90-plus coffee to produce a cold brew soft serve experience like no other. 

Designed and tested by baristas and coffee roasters, the blend can be mixed with almond milk or any plant based alternative milk.

Using Passport Specialty Coffee’s Departure Blend concentrate and Alternative Dairy Co barista almond milk creates flavours of creamy almond nougat, chocolate, and hints of berry and vanilla with a creamy texture. 

Delivering the perfectly textured soft serve are the Brullen machines to produce an indulging experience to the senses.

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