Barista Group introduces DiFluid Omix Green Bean Analyser

Barista Group

Barista Group introduces the DiFluid Omix Green Bean Analyser, a new device that aims to standardise quality in coffee production.

Since Barista Group partnered with Chinese technology company DiFluid in 2022, Barista Group General Manager Joe Chalhoub has discovered many “game- changing products” that enhance the operation and workflow of a café.

DiFluid’s latest offering, the Omix Green Bean Analyser, provides producers with detailed data support and precise control methods, helping to improve coffee quality and production efficiency.

“This includes coffee bean growers, processing plants, and roasting companies that need to monitor the quality and characteristics of the beans to ensure stability during the production process,” he says.

“Producers can predict bean size to provide a reference for rating and choose suitable coffee beans for processing and roasting.”

Joe says the Omix Green Bean Analyser is also ideal for coffee roasters that need accurate data to evaluate coffee bean characteristics and develop roasting and blending strategies accordingly.

“Coffee traders can also use the product to understand the quality of beans to make purchasing and sales decisions. Coffee research institutions can use it for scientific research, quality assessment and new product development,” he says.

“This product is applicable to the entire coffee industry, providing key data support and technical solutions for each stage [of the value chain] — from planting to consumption.”

Joe says the device is made from sustainable materials that have a minimal environmental impact throughout their entire life cycle, including procurement, production, use, and disposal.

“DiFluid minimises waste during the manufacturing process, and materials are reused and recycled where possible. The machine’s components can be disassembled easily and recycled to reduce disposal costs at the end of its life,” he says.

“The equipment is designed with long-term use and durability in mind. A modular design principle was adopted to facilitate the repair, upgrade, and replacement of components and reduce unnecessary scrapping.”

Joe says this product solves many challenges, such as monitoring and controlling coffee quality and characteristics and providing users with a comprehensive, and convenient solution.

“I believe this product will have a positive impact on the coffee industry. By improving the standardisation and quality of coffee production, it helps to enhance the reputation and competitiveness of the entire industry,” he says.

The Omix Green Bean Analyser measures bean moisture, Agtron (a spectrophotometer which uses infrared light to determine roast degree), density, and water activity.

“It uses optical, electromagnetic, and sensor technologies to provide efficient and accurate results to meet the user’s precise coffee bean requirements,” Joe says.

“This product represents a technological breakthrough in the field of coffee production, opening up new possibilities in the industry.”

The device analyses moisture by using the capacitive method combined with an AI algorithm. This allows the concentric cylindrical sensor to recognise the change of the capacitive medium, an electronic device that can detect solid or liquid targets without physical contact. It automatically identifies sample types, establishing moisture content models of green beans, roasted beans, dried coffee fruits, and shelled fruits.

“By measuring the moisture content, it helps producers control the liquid in the beans and ensure the preservation and roasting quality of the coffee,” Joe says.

The Omix Green Bean Analyser deciphers density by combining the weight/ volume measurement and AI algorithm to automatically calculate the gap rate of the sample and obtain the true density value.

“It uses image recognition to analyse coffee bean gaps and compensate for the true volume of the sample for accurate measurements,” Joe says. “This helps producers select high-quality beans and improve stability, and taste during the roasting process.”

Joe says the device can capture Agtron values using near-infrared imaging technology and other multi-band data fusion, while also automatically identifying silver skin and background noise.

“Using Agtron values to measure the roasting degree of coffee helps roasters control the roasting process and ensure the consistency and stability of coffee quality,” he says.

It measures water activity by using the cooling mirror method, minimal module design, and accurate and rapid detection to obtain stable results within tens of seconds.

“The device helps the user understand the proportion of water used by microorganisms in coffee beans, thereby effectively preventing the microorganisms from affecting the quality,” says Joe.

It can predict sample size through the AI algorithm, output colour, defects, and other feature information according to customer needs.

“You can also use the environmental sensor to acquire data on temperature, humidity, air pressure, and altitude,” says Joe.

The data can be stored in the DiFluid Café App and shared with global users through online data transmission. The application and its functions are developed continuously and updated in line with market demand.

Joe adds the product is innovative and practical and can provide users with accurate data support to help better control the coffee production process.

“I’m excited about launching this product because it represents advancement in the industry and promises to bring real value and benefits to users, while also providing opportunities for growth and development for the company,” he says.

The Omix Green Bean Analyser will be available from Barista Group in June 2024. “We will have it on display at our stand at the Melbourne International Coffee Expo, along with our portfolio of products — plus a little surprise,” Joe says.

“We also have another game-changing product coming to Australia in August 2024. Keep your eyes peeled.”

With a growing list of DiFluid products in its portfolio, including the DiFluid Omni advanced roast and particle-size analyser, and the R2 Extract refractometer, Barista Group is eager to grow the partnership and offer more products that can assist the café industry.

“We take great pride in our identity as innovators and leaders in our industry. Our core mission is to continually push the boundaries of what is possible, striving to distribute new and exciting products that streamline workflow and optimise labour to meet the evolving needs of our customers and the market,” Joe says.

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