Barista Group unveils Übermilk milk texturing device

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Barista Group General Manager Joe Chalhoub unveils the latest milk foaming technology from Übermilk, a device capable of texturing three different milks at once.

According to Barista Group General Manager Joe Chalhoub, the new Übermilk PLUS countertop milk frothing device from German manufacturer Übermilk is preparing to take the Australian specialty coffee market by storm, due to its ability to froth three different milks at once.

“The Übermilk PLUS is a modular milk foam and dispensing system, meaning we’re able to modify the product specifications depending on a customer’s needs,” says Joe.

“Übermilk PLUS automates the milk frothing process, delivering consistent, ready-to-pour hot and cold micro foamed milks at the barista’s desired temperature. Compact and customisable, the system looks minimalistic and right at home sitting next to a grinder and espresso machine on the coffee bar.”

Joe says although Übermilk PLUS predecessor – the Übermilk automatic nanofoamer – is known for reliability and delivering “perfect texturised milk at the push of a button,” he was receiving requests from consumers for a machine with greater flexibility, capable of producing more than one milk really well.

“Übermilk heard this feedback loud and clear. The Übermilk PLUS is a direct response to this advice with its ability to produce multiple milk options at once, proving that the German manufacturer creates equipment with customer needs in mind,” Joe says.

Two or three hoses, depending on the option selected, directly connect the unit to milk sitting in the refrigerator, reducing the time it spends out of the fridge, and clutter on the bar.

The desired volume of milk is syphoned by the pump and then controlled by a proportional solenoid valve to inject the desired amount of air and create a silky milk foam. It then runs through a high-power heater and filter, resulting in micro foamed milks pouring out of its nozzles.

“Once you dial it in, Übermilk PLUS will produce consistent milk all day, all week,” Joe says. “This reduces wastage at a café because you’re always getting exactly the amount you need. Not to mention the Übermilk PLUS will save café operators plenty of money and addresses the staff shortage issues the industry is currently facing.”

While the Übermilk PLUS is compatible with all dairy alternative options, Joe says no cross-contamination occurs between the milk source and electrical inlet and outlet, as the milk frothing device has three dedicated outlets for three different milk types. The machine will also be Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) approved.

“Many other machines only have one outlet with a rinsing system, which still causes cross-contamination to occur, and wastage from flushing milk through the circuits. With three dedicated outlets, Übermilk PLUS offers hygienic and allergy- friendly milk frothing from the first to the last cup,” Joe says.

“Übermilk PLUS also has a dispense function for non-foam beverages, such as cold milk to make a milkshake or hot milk without foam for a hot chocolate or tea. This technology is derived from the previous Übermilk PLUS model, guaranteeing customers the same reliability.”

Joe says Barista Group saw slow and steady international growth of the Übermilk PLUS in its first few years, which rocketed towards the end of 2018 after it the reached Australian shores.

“The first shipment of Übermilk landed in 2017, but we didn’t start rolling it out until mid-2018. Even then, it was only limited to a few people, but that helped spread the word and created awareness of the product, which helped things really take off,” Joe says.

“A lot of people were sceptical about the Übermilk at first. Milk is tough to handle properly, and people can be hesitant when it comes to automation, but the technology was way ahead of its time. The reason it connected with everyone was that it delivered the quality, consistency, reliability, and efficiency every café or organisation needs.”

Joe says Übermilk PLUS improves on this concept of workflow speed and efficiency without compromising coffee quality.

“By the time you grab your milk bottle, pour it in a jug, and steam it, to put it in coffee terms, it’s like you’re dosing, tamping, and extracting it. Essentially, you’re spending the time it would take to make a second cup of coffee,” he says. “This is about 20 seconds per cup, which adds up over a day. Whereas Übermilk PLUS does all this at the touch of a button and frees up the barista to focus on customer service or café operations.

“Its ease of use and facilitation of greater barista-customer interaction makes it nearly a no-brainer for high volume cafés to implement into their workflow.”

Joe adds that Übermilk PLUS’s user interface is easy to navigate, allowing baristas to find whichever option they need, whether that be dine-in or takeaway, latte or cappuccino, and hot or cold milk. However, Übermilk PLUS’s benefits go beyond its operator to the owner of the café.

“It also really reduces the amount of time spent training staff. One of the main assets of the machine is that a new barista can produce milk the same quality as, if not better than, someone more experienced,” Joe says.

The product was first introduced at international trade fair Internorga this year, which Joe attended. He says he was blown away by the amount of positive feedback he received.

“We’ve tested a few units in Germany with trusted partners over the last few months and received rave reviews. We’re super excited to get this product out in the market and show people what automation of the future looks like,” Joe says.

With every innovative product that Barista Group imports to Australia, Joe asks himself one simple question: “Would I use it in my own café?”

“It all comes down to streamlining efficiency. Every product we bring in improves the way baristas work or increases productivity in the café. If I can’t see how a piece of equipment would do that, then I wouldn’t use it in a café of my own and wouldn’t expect others to either,” Joe says.

When Übermilk PLUS makes its local debut at the 2023 Melbourne International Coffee Expo, Joe anticipates that the machine will be just as popular in Australia and New Zealand due to its multifunctional abilities.

“Australians love their milk coffees and Übermilk PLUS makes them easier to produce consistently, while freeing up the barista to focus on their espresso or latte art,” Joe says.

“The goal of Barista Group is to introduce more products like Übermilk PLUS that improve workflow while saving our customers precious time and money.”

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