Barista Hustle AutoComb

Barista Hustle AutoComb

The AutoComb hand powered Weiss Distribution Technique (WDT) tool spins 12 carefully arranged needles at high speed to consistently distribute grinds and break up any clumps, which ensures the bed is ready for tamping, and an even extraction can be achieved.

Built for speed and durability, the AutoComb is ideal for brutal hospitality environments, while its easy-to-use design means that it’s just as effective for the home barista.

Regardless of how the grinds started, using the AutoComb will ensure coffee grinds are well-distributed quickly, with the entire process taking less than five seconds, and minimal skill or effort required.

Featuring adjustable needle depths, additional replaceable needles, and a deliberately over-engineered design, the AutoComb is built to last.

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