Barista Mats

Barista Mats are a simple and effective way to reduce standing worker fatigue.

Co-creators Lachlan Mckenzie and Nick Rio launched Barista Mats at the 2017 Melbourne International Coffee Expo.

Since then, hundreds of the mats have been sold throughout Australia and now New Zealand. This includes food and beverage operations such as  cafés, mobile coffee carts, roasters, green bean suppliers, technicians, canteens and restaurants.

Barista Mats provide cushioning to the feet and helps reduce the risk of equipment breakages and injuries from slips and falls. Barista Mats are made to order in Australia.

They are lightweight, easy to roll up, clean and shake, durable and heavy duty.

Australian distributors include Artisti Coffee, Bombora Coffee and Water Supplies, Barista Technology, Wild Timor Coffee, and more.Two lucky BeanScene subscribers will win a Barista Mat.

For more information and to win a Barista Mat, visit 

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