Barista Technology Australia to offer Puqpress giveaway

For a limited time, Barista Technology Australia is giving away a free Puqpress automatic coffee tamper with every purchase of the Moobar milk delivery system.

This exclusive offer expires 31 January 2017.

Valued at $1500, the Puqpress was first launched in October 2015 and has since become a popular solution for coffee professionals seeking tamping consistency.

“We’re lucky to have really high end clients endorse the product, such as Campos Coffee, Toby’s Estate, Pablo and Rusty’s, and Cerebos,” says Brett Bolwell, CEO of Barista Technology Australia.

“I initially thought the product would be most utilised by the franchise market, which it has thanks to big guys such as McDonalds and Retail Food Group, but I’m amazed how well the interest has trickled down to the specialty coffee market. We have so much support from the specialty guys in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, and why shouldn’t we? It’s a product with versatile appeal because of what we all want from coffee preparation – consistency.”

Brett says the original concept of the automatic tamping device was first devised four years ago, but after seeing one utilised in the back of a mobile coffee van, knew it could be revised to suit the current industry climate.

As such, Brett helped lead the redevelopment of the Puqpress as we now know it.  It has been completely transformed in terms of mechanics and aesthetics.

“The Puqpress has a built-in sensor, so when the handle is placed into the Puqpress it will automatically settle and tamp the coffee to the pre-programmed pressure between 10 and 30 kilograms,” Brett says.

“Baristas want consistent espresso extraction and scales, weights and advanced machine technology has gone a long way in aiding this, even milk texturing is more consistent, but it’s just as important to start with the first step in the extraction process – a level tamp. The tamping procedure is one component you can’t teach. You can monitor the amount of force applied, but really, it’s a method that has varying discrepancies depending on the barista.”

With the guess work taken out of tamping, Barista Technology Australia are also excited about the potential for Moobar, an automatic café milk delivery system designed and manufactured in Melbourne by Barista Technologies in partnership with Andale Beverages Australia.

The Moobar dispenses two milks from one tap making the footprint small for tight spaces. It uses patent-pending jug sensing technology to accurately deliver the correct dosage every time. With the backing of one of Australia’s largest service and maintenance networks, customers can be assured of quality service and support throughout the entire process.

“Our system is unique because we can customise colours of the taps and because of its chilled-line technology,” Brett says. “The milk bladders are connected to the tap with a chilling device, which means milk remains perfectly chilled from bladder to tap. Café owners only have to clean the system once a week, saving valuable time.”

Brett says Barista Technology Australia’s unique installation offering enables unlimited milk bladders to be installed either in existing under counter fridges, or in a walk-in fridge.

The Moobar starts at $9890 + GST. For more information visit

“Don’t forget to make the most of this limited offer so you can experience the best of both products,” Brett says.

Want to see the Moobar in action?
Text the word Moobar to 0447 790 491 and you’ll go in the draw to win a Puqpress. Or call on 1300 582 443.

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