Baristas beat professionals in Beat the Barista competition

Baristas around the country have proved their skills are good enough to beat professional latte artists with Justin Nguyen of Chapter 5, Moo Yapradit of Metropole, and Max Hon Pak Wee of The Grounds City winning Pauls Professional’s Beat the Barista competition at the Foodservice show from 27 to 28 May.

Contestants at the International Convention Centre in Sydney choose to battle either Jibble Little of Jibbi Little Coffee, runner up in the 2018 Australian Specialty Coffee Association (ASCA) Latte Art Championship; Li Tao of Talnic Espresso, third place in the 2018 ASCA Latte Art Championship on 27 May; or Han Ram Gang from Bees Nees, fourth place in the 2018 ASCA Australian Latte Art Championship.

The baristas attempted to pour each ‘celebrity barista’s’ signature design. Justin won on day one of the event, beating Li Tao; Moo won on day two, beating Jibbi; and Max won on day three, beating Ha Ram.

Coinciding with the Beat the Barista competition at the ICC, Pauls Professional is also be running an Australia-wide online latte art competition where baristas can choose which of the three professionals they wish to battle, and attempt to pour their signature design. Entries are still open. For your chance to win, simply upload a photo of your best latte art effort.

To enter the online competition, click here:

Any barista that ‘beats the barista’ with a signature latte art pattern could win $300 cash and a Jibbijug.

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