Baristas wanted for industry survey 

Almond Breeze is looking for 40 baristas to participate in an industry survey to learn more about their profession, passions, and views on the changing state of the coffee industry.

“Baristas are changing the hospitality industry across Australia. They are the ones who are pushing industry standards through the roof, and exploring new trends that are being picked up worldwide. We want to understand why Australia is at the top of its game, and help our industry stay there,” says Michael McNulty, Almond Breeze Country Manager Australia & New Zealand.

“If you’ve got any ideas about how to improve the way you work, we’d like to hear from you.”

According to data from the 2016 Census, barista work is the 10th fastest growing profession in Australia. Each year the industry attracts 3100 more baristas in Australia and, given its rapid growth, Almond Breeze says now is the time to really explore the profession and what the future holds for Australian baristas.

“Australia’s coffee industry is unique. With over 90 per cent of coffee shops being independent, it really is utopia for the industry,” says Michael. The barista is a job that people are starting at school, college or university, and they are the ones who will continue to drive our industry forward. We want to ensure we are supporting them from the start.”

As such, Almond Breeze wants to survey baristas to discover the many profiles of the Australian barista, which combines details on where they work, average age, and why they love their work. The information from this first phase of research will help form quantitative data.

Participation will include a week-long online discussion (a total of three hours). Baristas Australia-wide are invited to participate. To be part of this event, send an email of interest to with your contact details.

Almond Breeze’s Barista Blend was developed by baristas for baristas, and this year the product was styled by baristas too, after the company asked the country what the Almond Breeze Barista Blend should look like.

“We’re at the beginning of building the Barista Blend brand and we want to create a movement that is dedicated to listening, educating and providing baristas with essential information that can help build their future success,” Michael says.

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