Bean To Heaven

Bean to Heaven is putting suburban coffee roasters on the map. Located in Armadale, South-East of Perth in Western Australia, husband and wife team Siobhan and Simon Tucci opened their dream roastery and café in 2011, and are making quite an impression on the local coffee scene.

A far cry from the days of roasting in their backyard and selling their beans to local farmers markets, today the couple have their own dedicated roasting space.
Simon, a former engineer, and siobhan, a graphic designer, left their day jobs behind when their hobby and passion for coffee took over.

Visiting the Bean to Heaven roastery is like stepping onto an 1800s film set. The café is situated on the old Pioneer World theme park, which no longer exists, but the café still retains the historic façade and old charm.
Siobhan says their roastery is all about educating their customers, many of whom have never really considered where or how the coffee comes to be in their cup.

With a viewing bar positioned near the roaster, customers can watch Simon roasting the beans first-hand on their 15-kilogram Ghibli roaster, thought to be one of the first of its kind in Western Australia.
Bean to Heaven’s signature offering is the Village Blend, which Siobhan says is “smooth, has an all-round broad appeal to cater for different customer tastes and is great for any time of the day”.

A small range of single origin beans are also available and at the time of writing, included beans from Sumatra, Peru and Brazil.

Siobhan says Perth cafés have limited local coffee suppliers, but now Bean to Heaven has stepped into the market and is offering customers something different.

“Coffee lovers are now starting to see there’s an alternative coffee to the one they’re used to,” she says. “We’re injecting some new life into the WA coffee scene.”

Bean to Heaven sell their coffees locally to clients, WA wholesale and to cafés around the Fremantle and Subiaco area. Siobhan says their loyal customer base is largely comprised of the parents of the nearby school kids.

“It’s great to find something that we both enjoy doing everyday and we get to meet great people – we’re living the dream.”

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