BeanScene Magazine’s June 2023 Sustainability Feature

BeanScene Magazine Sustainability Feature

The coffee industry is dedicated to building a truly sustainable supply chain from crop to cup to ensure its longevity and prosperity.

At origin, the industry faces complex challenges in coffee-producing countries including climate change, viable producing land, fair living income, and gender inequity, amongst many. In consuming countries, the pressure to reduce carbon emissions and make a positive environmental impact is being felt across the board.

The positive news is that sustainable solutions are being activated at every corner of the market, and BeanScene wants to hear about yours!

What does sustainability look like to you?

If your business, product, or service is committed to making a sustainable impact in any of the following categories, we want to know about it:

  • Reduced energy emissions
  • Carbon neutrality/carbon offsets
  • Energy-saving equipment
  • Low emission roasting
  • Supply chain transparency
  • Fair living wage
  • Social initiatives
  • Recyclable programs
  • Sustainable packaging or reusable materials
  • Sustainable business models

BeanScene’s June edition will look at the industry’s top players making a sustainable impact. From green bean traders to coffee cup solutions, manufacturers to roasters, we invite you to share your sustainable commitment.

Don’t miss this opportunity to be ‘scene – and heard’. Share your sustainable efforts with the market and be an example for others to follow and be inspired by.

Expressions of interest will close on 27 April 2023If you would like to hear more about advertising in the June edition of BeanScene and increase your business’s exposure, please contact Adele Haywood:

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