Beat Coffee launches specialty instant coffee

Beat Coffee

Melbourne coffee roaster Beat Coffee has launched a specialty instant coffee that captures quality, flavour and convenience in a single sachet.

The company’s new instant blend enables customers to experience the aroma and consistent flavour of specialty coffee, without the stress of grinding and brewing coffee at home.

Beat Coffee’s owner and roaster Leigh Mellington says the new instant coffee is made from its best-selling Brazilian beans from Bom Jesus farm, and doesn’t compromise on flavour.

“I love experimenting with coffee and wanted to see what we could create in the instant

variety that could be a legitimate addition to our range of specialty products,” Leigh says.

“The freeze-drying process enables the vibrancy of the coffee to be captured in an instant

which keeps the caramel and honey flavour-notes, as well as the full and smooth mouthfeel.

“We recommend drinking it straight up, no milk, and you’ll taste it at its best.”

The instant coffee adds to Beat Coffee’s already broad repertoire of single origin, blends, filter coffee and cold brew.

Consumers can purchase Beat Coffee online or in-person at Beat Coffee’s café in Reservoir, Victoria.

A box of six sachets is $19.50.

For more information, visit the Beat Coffee website.

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