Monin makes everyone an Artiste

It’s been said that a magician never reveals their tricks, but in the case of global specialty beverage and flavour creator Monin, it’s willing to bend the rules on creating consistent latte art.

Monin’s latest innovation, L’Artiste de Monin, is a topping solution specially designed to create signature latte art through the use of a sauce bottle and etching tool. No milk jugs are needed – just the L’Artiste de Monin and some creative flair.

This new addition to Monin’s sauce range invites any barista or coffee maker to transform their coffee into a best seller.

L’Artiste de Monin comes in a 150-millilitre squeezable bottle with a special tip to draw the most detailed of latte art designs. A metal stencil is also available.

“Monin has always been well represented and supported in the coffee industry, but the specialty industry is moving from flavoured coffee drinks. We still want to be part of that space and connected to the industry’s top baristas. That’s why we’ve brought L’Artiste to the market,” says Tomas Vikario, Monin Marketing and Beverage Innovation Manager.

Tomas anticipates the flavoured sauce will be popular among busy chain outlets but has equally received positive feedback from the specialty coffee market.

“I was a little sceptical how specialty baristas would react, so I tested its reception at this year’s Melbourne International Coffee Expo, and I was pleasantly surprised,” he says.

“Baristas said the product was easy to use, produces a consistent texture, and retains a shiny finish.”

The sauce is light enough to sit on milk foam for 30 minutes without bubbling, although Tomas is pretty confident most consumers will want to drink their beverage straight away.

“Although we are releasing a cocoa and caramel sauce, we needed to ensure coffee remains the dominant flavour throughout the drink. The sauce is merely decoration and is very mild in colour and taste. L’Artiste is about enhancing the presentation of a coffee easily, without overpowering it with strong sauce undertones,” Tomas says.

This product will give beginner baristas the confidence to produce a form of latte art without the pressure of producing a swan or 12-leaf rosetta straight away.

“It’s is a great platform for less educated baristas to tap into latte art and still show their creative ability without the pressure of free pour,” Tomas says. “Equally, for top-end specialty baristas, this product gives them other tool under their belt and another option to present to customers.”

Because of the sauce’s thin texture and consistency, it’s also suitable and versatile for iced chocolates and iced coffees, and cake decoration.

L’Artiste de Monin range is cost effective. At RRP $8, a 150-millilitre bottle will give users between 120 to 150 designs.

Step by step latte art designs and recipe cards are available online and via the Monin Inspiration app, with three levels of difficulty available.

L’Artiste de Monin products are available in Australia through Stuart Alexander & Co distribution network from October.

The product will also be distributed through Europe, Hong Kong, and South East Asia.

“It’s a universal product to suit a universal need,” Tomas says. “What customer doesn’t want to sit down and be served a visually appealing coffee?”

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