Billy Blargo brings the Aremde Nexus One to Sydney

Aremde Nexus One sydney

Billy Blargo in the Sydney CBD can lay claim to being the first café in the city to install the Good Design Award winning Aremde Nexus One espresso machine.

Billy Blargo Owner David Nedelkovski was so happy with the Nexus One, he bought a second model.

“[The Nexus One is] a whole new experience for those who love to make and drink coffee. it’s changed the way we connect [with customers],” David says.

“It’s been amazing to see their first reaction [to the machine] and the double take. They are unaware at first and then they are wowed.”

Billy Blargo boasts a Bulkan-inspired food and interior, and David says the hollow body of the Nexus One provides an open feel that contributes to that atmosphere.

“[The café] is a tribute to our Balkan heritage and way of life. It feels like home, pushes the boundaries, and is all about creating a space to connect, have a laugh, and feast over food made from century old recipes,” he says.

“We serve Balkan food from the village to the plate. Coffee is Billy Blargo’s blend roasted by Neoma [Coffee], plus we also indulge in traditional Balkan style coffee.”

With the Nexus One available in dozens of colours, David chose patina copper to match design elements in the café and to pay tribute to his love of “the old school pick-up truck”.

For anyone considering purchasing the Nexus One, David say to “take the leap, you’ll never look back”.

Billy Blargo is located at Shop 3, 151 Clarence Street.

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