Biofilta set to launch new urban farming solution

 Cirrus Fine Coffee’s sister company Biofilta is set to display a new urban farming system called Foodcube at the Flower and Garden show in Melbourne from 27 to 31 March.

Biofilta will demonstrate how to combine rainwater runoff, waste steam organics such as composted coffee grounds and food waste, and surplus city spaces with urban farming systems, in order to consistently grow fresh produce for an ever-increasing population.

Foodcube’s debut will provide an insight into the future of urban farming and sustainable living in our cities.

Manufactured in Melbourne, Foodcube’s system was created from recycled plastic. It has taken several years and $600,000 to bring to market. Cirrus Fine Coffee hopes this farming solution will lead to reduced food bills, waste, and improve nutrition.

Cirrus Fine Coffee aims to grow more than 150 kilograms of fresh products within 12 months in two parking lots to show how efficient farming can be achieved in small spaces.

The World Health Organisation recommends adults consume a minimum of 150 kilograms of fresh fruits and veggies per year, meaning that one of these pop-up farms could provide enough fresh produce for two people for a whole year.

Combined with harvested rainwater and onsite composting, Biofiltas wicking systems can turn food miles into meters, reduce cities’ waste output, and make cities more food secure.

For the past 12 years, Cirrus fine coffee has committed to sustainability in more ways than one. Its coffee beans, roasted in Port Melbourne, are ethically sourced. The brand’s packaging is bio-degradable, and its offices runs on clean energy.

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