BioPak and Qantas partner to launch world’s first zero-waste flight

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Australian airline Qantas soared to new heights with launch of the world’s first ever zero-waste flight, with the help of environmentally friendly packaging company BioPak.

Flying from Sydney to Adelaide on 8 May, the flight is part of Qantas’s wider initiative to remove 100 million single-use plastic items per annum by 2020.

“We want to give customers the same level of service they currently enjoy, but without the amount of waste that comes with it,” Qantas Domestic CEO Andrew David said.

BioPak’s compostable packaging replaced a range of single-use plastics and disposable food packaging items on the flight and will be commercially composted in Adelaide.

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“We are delighted to team up with Qantas Group in what is an unprecedented step forward in fighting the war on waste,” BioPak CEO Gary Smith says.

“This is the most ambitious waste reduction target of any major airline globally, and we are truly excited to be at the forefront in providing state-of-the-art, eco-friendly products that solve the impending issue of single-use plastics.”

BioPak packaging is made from plants, using a range of renewable materials that are responsibly sourced.

In 2018, BioPak launched Australia’s first national composting collection service, transforming organic food waste and packaging into soil.

“For more than a decade, we have been working with companies across Australia and New Zealand to provide a viable solution to our current waste crisis, and it is wonderful to see Qantas Group join our ever-expanding network,” Gary says.

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