BioPak declares climate emergency

BioPak climate emergency

Compostable packaging manufacturer BioPak has officially declared a climate emergency and is pledging to take immediate action on climate change.

BioPak says it was created in 2006 with the mission to reduce the environmental impact of single-use disposable packaging by producing sustainable, environmentally friendly solutions made from renewable resources.

In October, The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change determined that a 1.5°C increase in average global temperature is the limit if humanity is to have any chance of coping with the associated catastrophic climate-related impacts. At the current trajectory, it is estimated this point will be reached as early as 2030.

“It’s become clear that we need to make a change for the health of our planet — and fast. While reshaping government policy is a necessary component of this transformation, its timeline is long. It can take years for ideas to translate into policy, for policy to take effect, and for real change to occur as a result. When it comes to policy around climate change, we simply don’t have the luxury of time,” BioPak says in an official release.

“As we petition and protest and support our earth-championing representatives, there’s more we can do to combat climate change: take action in the business sector. Companies can dictate their own policies and priorities, allowing them to effect change at a much faster rate than government agencies. Many forward-thinking brands have gotten the message — they’re taking the future of our planet into their own hands through partnerships with environmental non-profits and sustainable business practices.”

In alignment with its B Corp commitment and with a growing number of B Corps, BioPak says it will advocate for policy changes necessary to remove impediments and align incentives that will drive meaningful climate action and address the apathy of this systemic failure.

As a result of this declaration, BioPak pledges to:

  • Maintain its business model as carbon-neutral, in all countries it operates,
  • Maintain and implement an annual plan to reduce its carbon footprint (pre-offsets),
  • Phase out all fossil fuel-based plastic from its portfolio by 2025;
  • Expand access to its compost service to realise the circular economy solution,
  • Continue donating time, energy, and a portion of all profits to environmental restoration initiatives and community programs, and
  • Be involved in the B Corp community to advocate change and the global adoption of a B Economy.

“Today, we commit to deliver value to our customers and society and to conduct business with consideration for the environment and all stakeholders, not just shareholders for current and future generations,” BioPak says.

To ensure transparency, BioPak will report annually on its progress by publishing a sustainability report towards the end of the year.

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