BioPak discusses how Campos Coffee is helping to offer home compostable solutions


BioPak discusses its partnership with Campos Coffee and how it’s helping the roaster and its customers offer complete home compostable solutions.

There are many things sustainable packaging manufacturer BioPak and specialty coffee roaster Campos Coffee have in common, but one is their shared belief that social good is a collective responsibility.

With this responsibility comes a focus on sustainability, which extends to the packaging materials used for Campos Coffee’s iconic green takeaway cups.

“Campos has used our custom compostable BioCups and PLA lids for over a decade. The company is very progressive in moving forward with the best possible sustainable solutions,” BioPak CEO Gary Smith says.

That solution, Gary says, is BioPak’s newly developed coffee cup lids made from rapidly renewable sugarcane pulp and Aqueous cups made with a water-based dispersion coating. The new pulp-based compostable lids are made of 100 per cent fibre and behave in the same way as typical polystyrene lids when it comes to usability. The products are also certified home compostable to AS5810 standards.

“We trialled a paper lid a few months ago, but it had a lining. Although it’s a compostable lining, the Australian state governments are saying anything with a lining, even if it’s compostable, will be banned, eventually. So instead of moving to an interim solution, we went for the ultimate solution with a 100 per cent fibre- based product,” Gary says.

Campos Coffee will launch the home compostable cups and pulp-based lids in August 2023. The roaster plans to distribute over 36 million cups to its more than 700 cafés across the country over the next year.

“Gary came to us a long time ago to test the products. There were a few iterations before this cup. BioPak was intent on creating a fully home compostable solution while still delivering a high-quality cup,” says Campos Coffee Commercial Director John Ronchi.

John says it was important to the roaster that its iconic green cups were as environmentally friendly as they were nationally recognised.

“So many people use takeaway cups in our cafés, and we’ve been wanting to move in [an even more sustainable] direction for a while now, so Gary’s timing couldn’t have been better,” he says.

“We’ve worked with BioPak for years, and their devotion to the environment has always aligned with ours. BioPak has helped us ensure that we’re always moving in the right direction with sustainability,” he says.

Another thing Campos Coffee and BioPak have in common is a passion for service and quality. Gary says BioPak is renowned and trusted for its quality and logistics expertise, which is why large roasters such as Campos Coffee choose to partner with the cup manufacturer.

“A coffee shop without its coffee cups is going to have significant problems, so entrusting us with supplying cups on-time to hundreds of coffee shops around Australia is a big deal, and one BioPak takes very seriously,” he says.

It’s been Gary’s mission since he co-founded BioPak in 2006 to create sustainable packaging that puts the planet first, with a product range that is predominantly made from renewable materials and certified compostable.

“It’s been an uphill battle for the last 10 years, especially to try and educate the foodservice industry and guard against greenwashing,” Gary says.

“But we are finding there is increasing awareness of sustainable products from the end consumer, and we know they are ready for these home compostable cups. It’s really rewarding working on solutions like this with our long-term partners like Campos. What we’ve accomplished together is truly amazing.”

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