BioPak helps OzHarvest deliver 20,000 meals to people in need


Australian B Corp and sustainable packaging enterprise BioPak is supporting food rescue organisation OzHarvest with a Christmas cup campaign launch, with the goal to deliver 20,000 meals to people in need this holiday season.

The new campaign will see a limited-edition compostable Christmas cup at participating cafés and businesses across the country, encouraging coffee lovers to donate via a QR on the cup, where as little as 50c can help provide one meal to someone in need.

“We are incredibly proud to continue our ongoing partnership and work with OzHarvest,” says BioPak CEO Gary Smith.

“While Christmas is often a joyful occasion, we acknowledge that this time of the year can be incredibly hard for many families and individuals in our community.  We hope to achieve our goal of delivering 20,000 meals to people this holiday season and help OzHarvest continue to make a positive impact, both for our planet and for those in need.”

The campaign aims to raise $10,000 which will enable 20,000 meals to be delivered to people in need across the country, with $5 (the price of a coffee cup) serving 10 meals.

According to OzHarvest, data released by the FoodBank Hunger Report shows there are now 3.7 million households in Australia who have struggled to put food on the table in the last 12 months.

“In our so-called ‘lucky’ country it’s devastating to think that food is often crossed off the list of things families can afford. We see the need in the communities every day and are doing our best to make sure good food gets to those who need it most, but often there’s just not enough. The simple act of buying your coffee in a BioPak cup will help us feed more people in need this Christmas,” says OzHarvest Founder and CEO Ronni Kahn AO.

For more information or to donate, visit the OzHarvest fundraising page here.

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