BioPak releases Art Series coffee cup range

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BioPak has released a new Art Series coffee cup range, featuring limited edition designs from local artists.

The cups are made from sustainably sourced paper and lined with Ingeo bioplastic, which is made from plants instead of oil. BioPak cups can be commercially composted or disposed of in BioPak compost service bins located at local cafés in more than 1700 suburbs in Australia and New Zealand.

The collection features the work of 18 emerging artists from Australia and New Zealand, with their art exploring themes that relate to the natural environment and sustainability.

Queensland-based artist Carole Elliott’s piece I Bags the Bottom Bunk features the critically endangered Hawksbill Turtle resting on a ledge among coral and colourful reef fish. A recent snorkelling trip to Lady Elliot Island on the Great Barrier Reef inspired the design.

“After visiting a Turtle Hospital in North Queensland, I decided to use my artwork to support turtle rescue and rehabilitation organisations,” Carole says.

“Many of our beautiful sea turtles are endangered, some of them critically, and I donate a large percentage from the sale of my turtle paintings to help them.”

The works of New Zealand born, Byron Bay-based graphic artist Nitsua’s works focus on connectedness.

“We’re all connected to the environment around us, our problems happen when we start to lose that connection,” he says.

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Artists whose work is featured in the Art Series range include Marina de Wit, Carole Elliott, Ira Mitchell-Kirk, Amanda Louise Laing, Lucy Gauntlett, Latesha Houston, Katherine Smith, Emma Lou Peterson, Lou Jaeger, Lisa Hine and Lucette Crozier of QArt Gallery, Mac Creative, Nitsua, Morgan Jamieson, Moira Court, Liam Hardy, Katrina Schulz, and Meg Minkley.

BioPak’s range of limited-edition Art Series coffee cups is available for a limited time only.

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