BizCup’s mission to make office coffee more sustainable

BizCup Coffee, founded by Ponti Capoccia in 2018, aims to redefine the coffee experience in workplaces across Adelaide by providing high-quality tailored coffee solutions. 

Inspired by his Italian heritage and the cultural rituals that celebrate coffee as a social bond, Ponti is dedicated to ensuring every cup of coffee is a moment of connection and enjoyment.

“What is 15 minutes of one person’s day is my whole life. My love for my Italian heritage and the cultural rituals we Europeans hold drives how I approach my work with BizCup Coffee,” says Ponti.

“Italians can all agree on one thing: a good coffee is a work of art. As far back as I can remember, coffee is a way that we socialise, bond, and connect with others. Whether enjoyed at home, at a café, or on a park bench, coffee tastes better when it’s shared between friends and family. Why should the workplace be any different? If anything, that’s where people need great coffee the most!”

Since its inception, BizCup Coffee has focused on offering affordable, flexible coffee machine rental plans tailored to meet the unique needs of businesses. With no upfront costs and leasing options that include maintenance and repairs, BizCup Coffee creates spaces where employees and customers can recharge and connect. With over five years of experience in the coffee machine sales and rental industry, Ponti has become an expert in office coffee solutions.

Environmental sustainability is at the core of BizCup Coffee’s mission. Recognising that Australia generates around 65,000 tonnes of coffee waste annually, much of which ends up in landfill, BizCup Coffee has partnered with the Jefferies Group to launch the Grounded Coffee Waste Management Programme. This free service ensures coffee waste is recycled efficiently and beneficially.

The Grounded Coffee Waste Management Programme simplifies sustainability for customers. Used coffee grounds are placed into a provided Grounded bin, and BizCup Coffee takes care of the rest. They deliver a fresh bin, collect the full one during machine service, and transport the waste to Jeffries for organics recycling. The recycled coffee grounds are then converted into fertiliser, available for purchase at various locations in South Australia.

“Our programme makes being environmentally friendly effortless, as we take care of the entire process, allowing you to contribute to sustainability with ease,” says Ponti.

BizCup Coffee is committed to enhancing the workplace coffee culture while promoting environmental responsibility. For more information about BizCup Coffee’s services and the Grounded Coffee Waste Management Programme, visit

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