Bluestone Lane brings Australian iced coffee to the US

Bluestone Lane iced coffee

American coffee chain Bluestone Lane, owned by Australian Nick Stone has launched a new ready-to-drink (RTD) iced coffee and cold brew line.

Since opening its first café in New York City in 2013, Bluestone Lane has grown to 45 coffee shop and café locations across seven markets. With the launch of its Australian Iced Coffee and Cold Brew with a Dash product lines, Bluestone Lane says it will now reach consumers United States-wide.

The RTDs are based on the iced beverages served in the chain’s coffee shops. The Australian Iced Coffee is a blend of premium coffee and milk with a smooth and creamy texture, and Cold Brew with a Dash is the answer for consumers who add just a dash of milk to their cold brew.

“Launching a RTD line is an important step on our journey of bringing the world-renowned coffee culture found in Australia to the US,” Nick says.

“This launch upholds our commitment to innovation, health, and sustainability. We believe our locals deserve coffee that tastes incredible anywhere, anytime.”

Both product lines are offered with dairy or oat milk and will be available in the US in late September 2019.

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