Bombora Coffee + Water Supplies looks at the latest filters

From simple home brewing devices to commercial grade volumes, Megan Ferguson, Wholesale and Export Manager at Bombora Coffee + Water Supplies, looks at the latest must-have products that celebrate filter brewing.

Filter brewing in its simplest form is coffee extracted with hot water. There’s always many brewing variables that can impact flavour, such as the freshness of the coffee, the recipe used and technique, whether it be via AeroPress, V60 Pour Over, or Clever Coffee Dripper, for instance. But at the end of the day, the outcome should be an uncomplicated and tasty extraction. Despite the constant improvement of technology embedded into high-tech espresso machines, sometimes it’s nice to acknowledge the beauty in simplistic brewing methods. The functionality of such devices has not changed much over the years, but new tools have made their way on the market to enhance the filter brewing process, and the team at Bombora is excited to welcome them to the market. Let’s take a look at our newest additions that are perfect for the home user, barista, and volume-driven café looking for an upgrade.  


French press coffee just got a modern twist thanks to Planetary Design, which has designed this new-look device called Brü-Stop. 

In a traditional French press, screens allow continued brewing once pressed down, causing over-extraction and bitterness, but like the Brü-Stop name suggests, its screens put a halt to the brewing process once pressed down for barista quality brewing precision and flavour.  

Simply load your kettle with ground coffee, add hot water, wait three to five minutes and press down slowly. Once fully pressed down, the Brü-Stop halts the brewing process to prevent over extraction. 

The ultra fine mesh screen under the Brü-Stop plate keeps grounds out of your cup, ensuring only delicious hot coffee, not bitter coffee. The device is so easy you can use it at home, in the office, or take it camping.

The Brü-Stop stainless street French press product is now available at Bombora.


So you just bought some beautiful Ethiopian beans. You’ve brewed as much as your tastebuds can handle for one day and want ensure the remaining beans are as fresh tomorrow as the day you opened the coffee bag. Airscape is for you. 

It’s main priority is to keep beans fresh. Oxygen and humidity are your biggest nemesis when it comes to coffee going stale. The Airscape bucket insert fits a wide range of buckets (10 to 25 litres), allowing easy and effective storage of bulk beans.

Airscape’s patented valve forces and locks air out of the canister to preserve and protect freshness and flavour, unlike others that lock the air in, thereby slowly killing its contents. 

The Airscape range offers a variety of finishes and sizes to store other common café items such as tea, sugar, seeds, herbs or nuts. 

Another small but brilliant feature within the Airscape range is its bisphenol A-free clear lid. This allows you to see how much of your contents is left so you don’t have to frequently open the lid and allow more unwanted oxygen to seep into the container.

Toddy Cold Brew System Pro Series 

If you want to get serious about increasing your volume of cold brew coffee, then consider upscaling with a commercial Toddy brewing system. The new Pro Series features a 10-gallon (or 38-litre) stainless steel brewing vessel, a threadless dispensing value and compostable filter. 

This new patented product line makes large volume brewing simple, efficient, and food safe. 

The valve is easily removable, cleanable, and utilises a threadless, food grade sanitary connection with easily replaceable gaskets. The internal filter platform is constructed from one solid piece of stainless steel and has no folds or pockets where liquids or coffee grounds could get trapped. The lid handle fits on the brewer handle for storage to keep the lid from being placed on any surfaces that may not be clean.

The system uses single use, compostable filters made from Toddy’s tree-free material rather than metal mesh screens that are prone to clogging.

If you believe the summer of 2018-19 will be the summer of cold brew, then go one bigger and try Toddy’s Pro Series brewing vessels, available through Bombora now.


The AeroPress coffee maker is one of the most simple yet effective coffee brewing devices on the market. 

To aid its versatility, US company Fellow has created Prismo, a pressure-actuated valve that attaches to the base of the AeroPress and allows for a build-up of pressure to create espresso-style coffee and a no-drip seal for a full immersion brew.

The 70-micron etched stainless steel filter valve fits directly over an espresso shot glass. With the usual downwards press of the AeroPress, the Prismo will deliver a clean coffee. 

Its reusable integrated gasket prevents any leaking over the sides. Say goodbye to paper filters. Simply lock the device in place at the base of the AeroPress, load the device with coffee, add hot water, leverage, and ‘hey prismo’ – espresso in front of your eyes. Or add water to make a long black, or milk for a tasty flat white.

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