Bombora Coffee + Water Supplies spotlights new brewing gadgets

Bombora Coffee + Water Supplies has you covered for the fast-approaching Christmas season with three new gadgets that are set to impress even the most fickle of coffee friends.

In the past five years, filter coffee has found a home among the specialty café market, but also in the home of coffee connoisseurs wanting to recreate delicious home brews.

The best part about this method of coffee making is how easy it is. If you take away the many variables of espresso extraction, in filter brewing, all you need is tasty coffee, a grinder, water, and your favourite brew method: Hario V60 pour over, clever coffee dripper, Yama brewer, AeroPress, siphon… the list goes on.

Not only is filter brewing a traveller’s delight, it’s a nice way to transition tea drinkers to coffee and a perfect Christmas gift for a friend or family member. Don’t be alarmed that I’ve expressed the word “Christmas”. This is the time to tick off those easy presents and stocking fillers before the silly season approaches.

With filter brewing well and truly on trend, the team at Bombora Coffee + Water Supplies have collated some easy yet effective devices to make your brewing kit complete: one for AeroPress, one for cold drip, and the ultimate home kettle that says “hello, I’m serious about perfecting my water flow”. Let’s check them out.

The PuckPuck is the ultimate stocking filler for the coffee friend who has it all. Without the PuckPuck, however, they clearly don’t. 

Many people own an AeroPress device. It’s such a simple method of coffee brewing. But just when you thought the plastic cylinder structure couldn’t be updated, in comes the PuckPuck. This nifty lightweight device is designed to turn your existing AeroPress from a filter brewer into a cold drip tower. 

Simply place your AeroPress above your vessel with ground coffee at the base. 

The PuckPuck attaches to the top of the AeroPress chamber. Connect it to an external water vessel to hold ice and water and watch the coffee drip away. You can change the profile thanks to the volume of water and ice, or utilise the twist valve for further control of the drip flow rate.

Once the coffee has extracted, you can keep the drip coffee cool in the fridge or enjoy straight away.  


Hario V60 Buono Variable Temperature Kettle
BomboraIf you think all kettles are the same, think again. This new one from Hario is on its way to Australia for an October launch, and lovers of Hario products should be excited. 

Hario is known for its glass products and filter brewers, such as siphon and cold drip devices, but this time the “king of glass” has created a powered kettle with temperature adjustment.  

This kettle has been designed with brewers in mind. The one thing it guarantees is control: control of the water flow and control of the water temperature when it hits the coffee grounds. 

There are many kettles on the market, but not many allow you to set a desired water temperature. You might find a particular coffee works really well at 89°C but a lower temperature is best suited to brew tea, and it’s all possible thanks to a sensor placed inside the stainless steel body of the kettle. 

Simply power the device, adjust the temperature you desire from 60°C to 96°C with the display panel (93°C is the Hario recommended hand drip temperature for coffee), lock it in, and let the kettle do its thing. It boils 0.8 litres of water in about five minutes. Once the water reaches the desired temperature it switches to warm mode to maintain the temperature for 15 minutes. 

This new variable temperature kettle features the same quality, classic shape, and gooseneck spout that we all love in a Hario V60 Buono Kettle, with the added simplicity and functionality of an electric kettle. 


Have you ever looked at a cold drip tower and thought: “Impressive, but it’s too big to have on the kitchen bench”? It’s a natural process for any home barista or a small hole-in-the-wall café that wants to offer cold drip but never had the space to do so. Say hello to Bruer, your new cold drip best friend – just in time for the summer season.

With this compact system, it’s hard to go wrong. Assemble the filter, pop the glass tower on top, add the coffee, drop in a paper filter, and pre-wet the coffee to soak the grounds. Then, carefully push the valve down into the tower, and add a mixture of water and ice. 

You can set the drip rate by turning the knob clockwise to slow it down, and anticlockwise for a faster brew. The outcome is a cold brew with robust and balanced flavour. You can enjoy your cold drip coffee on its own or add it to a tasty cocktail or affogato. The best part is that the whole device fits in the fridge and your cold brew can stay fresh for up to two weeks.

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