Bonsoy discusses its new non-soy marketing campaign


Bonsoy takes BeanScene through its new campaign that aims to change the way people view the brand’s products

It’s difficult not to associate Bonsoy with soy. After all, soy makes up half of the brand’s name, and it’s been making soy milk for 40 years. However, Bonsoy isn’t only about soy.

That’s the message of the company’s new campaign, ‘Bonsoy Nonsoy’.
Spiral Foods Marketing Director Raphaelle Wilson says the company is looking to get the word out that Bonsoy offers beverages that don’t include soy but are still made with “wholesome natural and organic ingredients”.

“We’ve embarked on a fun campaign that’s going to run for the next 12 months. The campaign is to educate customer’s mindset, to link products outside of soy while championing the brand,” says Raphaelle.

The stars of the campaign are two products that Bonsoy introduced in 2019. The first is its range of sparkling coconut waters, which are available in five different flavours: passionfruit, watermelon, lychee, ginger, and organic natural.

“[In 2019], we saw there was an opportunity to expand our beverage range under the Bonsoy umbrella while working closely with manufacturers to perfect the waters,” Raphaelle says.

“It has taken a while, but this year’s campaign also coincides with the coconut waters that will be available in Coles from 14 November. Healthier options for soft drinks have really seen a boom the last 12 months.”

The sparkling coconut waters come in 320-millilitre cans and can be consumed on their own or in combination with other ingredients.
“Mocktails and cocktails are definitely a popular choice,” says Raphaelle. “You can add some fresh lime or lemon for a fresh twist.”

On its own, Raphaelle says Bonsoy’s coconut waters have many health benefits.

“We use certified organic water, so it’s got electrolytes, it’s hydrating, and it’s all natural,” she says. “There’s no added sugar. It’s perfect for the average sportsperson.”

With summer just around the corner, Raphaelle says the coconut water range is an ideal option for cafés to store on hotter days.

“They naturally are [a spring and summer product]. Obviously, you can have them throughout the year, but a cold sparkling beverage is associated with refreshment and cooling down, which is synonymous with summer,” she says.

“Consumers are always looking for something new to try. People are doing a lot more due diligence with brands and products, so why not offer something that’s good for everyone, from the kids to the grandparents?”
Raphaelle says Bonsoy specifically uses older coconuts in the harvesting stage, which are known to produce sweeter water.

“It’s all about working really closely with our manufacturers to figure out how we can get the best of a natural product without having to manipulate it,” she says.

The second drink featured in the ‘Bonsoy Nonsoy’ campaign is the company’s almond milk. Raphaelle says that while Bonsoy is best known for its soy milk, it still offers almond for any café willing to expand its options.

“It’s a mild flavour. It’s not going to compete with the coffee,” she says. “The same goes for cereals, smoothies, or anything else.”
Bonsoy has sought to find the balance between producing the best milk while also maintaining the values that have carried the company for 40 years.

“If you work with good manufacturers who know what we’re doing, it becomes a good partnership,” Raphaelle says.

“We have our values and certain non-negotiables that we adhere to, and the right manufacturer is happy to go over and above to perfect the formula with you.”

This extension of values and a quality formula is reflected in Bonsoy’s sparking coconut water and almond milk.

“We’re a trusted brand with longevity, and you can trust that the ingredients going into the products are 100 per cent natural,” Raphaelle says.

With these values in place, Bonsoy is now committed to spreading the word that the commitment to staying natural extends to all its offerings.

“We’ve always believed in producing quality products, and it’s gotten us to where we are today.”

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