Bonsoy returns to using 100% certified organic soybeans


From its founding in 1983 to 2017, Bonsoy had been using 100 per cent certified organic soybeans, but with the brand’s popularity and demand increasing, the brand says it had “challenges with Mother Nature” for the past four years.

Since September 2021, however, the alternative-dairy brand says it has returned to using 100 per cent certified organic soybeans for good.

Bonsoy says it has achieved this through working with its growers to convert acres of land to certified organic crops. During its transition phase, its bean counters were split 25 per cent ‘in-conversion and 75 per cent ‘certified organic’.

“We’re ecstatic to be back using select variety 100 per cent certified organic soybeans. It’s been a great concerted effort by everyone involved to see this come to fruition,” says James Wilson, Director of Spiral Foods and parent company of Bonsoy.

According to Bonsoy, 85 per cent of soybeans grown are genetically modified. The brand says it is the exception with its organically grown soybeans packed with more nutrition. The brand also says a Norwegian study found that organic soy contains more protein and lower levels of saturated fat.

“We’re committed to delivering the flavour and nutrition you’ve come to expect and giving baristas the froth that keeps on frothing,” says Bonsoy.

“Returning to 100 per cent organic soybeans is a process that has taken years. But we have a hunch that plant-based, non-genetically modified food isn’t a fad. In fact, at Bonsoy, it’s our past, present and future. “

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