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water optimisation

Coffee contains up to 98 per cent water, which can differ in terms of its hardness, pH level, mineral content, and other ingredients depending on the site, region, and geological conditions. A cup of coffee can become a real pleasure with the finest beans, the correct quantities, the right grind, a high-quality machine and an experienced barista – not to forget the perfect water quality.

To generate steady sales with great-tasting coffee, Dalla Corte Australia recommends water filter treatment cartridges and reverse osmosis systems developed by BWT to ensure the correct water quality – right on site with the required capacity.

“BWT water treatment not only improves the taste of your coffee – you’ll also protect the sensitive technology in your coffee machines to reduce wear and tear, increase operating times and boost efficiency,” says Tristan Creswick, Business Development Manager for Dalla Corte.

“BWT were the first filter manufacturer to recognise the wide range of water quality issues and developed a whole range of efficient filter cartridges – suitable for all local water supplies and user requirements – to prepare raw water for maximum enjoyment.”

water optimisationThe latest solutions developed by the BWT sensory water optimisation specialists enables coffee bars, restaurants, roasting plants and vending machine operators to prepare the finest water right at the point of use.

“Water quality can be consistently reproduced, which means you can bank on the finest tasting coffee every time. If the other components are equally consistent in their composition and quality, every cup becomes a pleasurable experience – at any time and in any place. As soon as the local connoisseurs learn about your consistently great-tasting coffee, they’ll become your regular and satisfied customers. By offering a consistently satisfying coffee experience, you can increase consumption and constantly drive your sales ” Tristan says.

“The water optimisation technologies developed by BWT not only ensure great-tasting coffee in every cup – they also effectively protect delicate coffee and vending machines against corrosion, limescale and gypsum deposits. This reduces wear and tear, prevents machine failures and prolongs operating times. What’s more, your sales won’t be affected by any unplanned service and maintenance work. The reliable functionality will also ensure greater efficiency in the production process – and greater economic success in the long term.”

The 2020 Australian Barista Champion Hugh Kelly says Ona Coffee has been using BWT filters for many years.

“I have used BWT water filters in our wholesale coffee operation in Australia for more than 10 years as their ion exchange filters produce incredible clarity of flavours allowing us to properly express the coffees natural qualities from origin,” Hugh says.

“We also supply coffee to shops in troubled water areas with high mineral content and potential for particles to clog fine components in our espresso machines. BWT have been very helpful in finding solutions that keep this expensive machinery safe from damage.’

The Australian made BWT Ultro filter systems provide real flexibility in single or twin configurations. Single systems are a value option featuring Fibron filter media for reduction of sediment, chlorine, taste, and odour.  Twin system configuration allows users to add BWT water treatment cartridges to provide optimum water for any water quality input.

water optimisationThe “industry favourite” bestmax Premium is used to remove sediment and offensive taste and odours in addition to reducing hardness scale by ion exchange media. The secret weapon in the bestmax Premium filter cartridge is magnesium – the patented BWT Mg2+ technology ensures the optimum mineralisation of coffee water for the greatest coffee extraction and pleasure.

The BWT bestprotect safeguards coffee machines by preventing corrosion, limescale and gypsum deposits and keeping the pH value at a consistently high level. The tried-and-tested BWT bestprotect filter cartridge is a preferred choice for stainless steel boiler machines. A range of sizes are available  providing maximum capacity in the smallest of spaces, preventing hard water scale deposits to ensure the optimum protection of equipment.

BWT bestaqua 14ROC – For maximum protection in problem water areas and optimised consistent remineralised water, Dalla Corte suggests the bestaqua 14ROC, a compact reverse osmosis system developed by BWT which is easy to use and has a small installation footprint. Bluetooth connectivity provides user interface via an app to your phone so monitoring 14ROC inputs and performance is easy. 14ROC systems include high capacity prefiltration, storage, and remineralisation options. Australia’s popular compact RO the 14ROC is a robust, durable and reliable system requires little maintenance and is easy to use

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