Brazil Cup of Excellence winner scores 90+ despite challenging harvest

Brazil Cup of Excellence winner Vitor Marcelo de Queiroz Barbosa

Coffee producer Vitor Marcelo de Queiroz Barbosa from the farm Fazenda Cachoeira in Carmo do Paranaíba with the origin denomination of the Region of Cerrado Mineiro won first place in the Cup of Excellence – Brazil 2021.

The results were announced on 18 November in an online event hosted by Vanusia Nogueira, Executive Director of the Brazilian Specialty Coffee Association.

The winning lot achieved a score of 90.5 points and was named the best specialty coffee of Brazil for the 2021 coffee crop at the competition.

Head Judge Eduardo Ambrocio praised the professionalism of the Brazilian producers, who he says cultivated exceptional beans despite the challenges they faced.

“We found wonderful coffees of exceptional quality. The evaluations are increasingly more complex because there are better coffees, of different varieties and profiles and this is reflected in the diversity of the drinks. Thank you very much to the Brazilian farmers for producing these exceptional coffees,” he says.

Samples from Luiz Paulo Dias Pereira and others, produced at Fazenda do IP, in Carmo de Minas, in the Denomination of Origin Mantiqueira de Minas, was runner-up, with 90.14 points.

The 2021 Brazil Cup of Excellence was held by the Brazilian Specialty Coffee Association (BSCA), in partnership with the Alliance for Coffee Excellence (ACE) and the Brazilian Export and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex-Brasil).

In the competition, 29 competitors from seven coffee origins reached a score of 87 points or more in the international stage.

Nine National Champions with scores between 86 and 86.99 were also designated by the competition.

The 29 winners have earned the right to participate in an online auction on 20 December.

During this auction, the principal buyers around the world will bid on the best coffees from the 2021 Brazilian harvest and prices will reach levels well above the conventional market.

For more information, visit the Cup of Excellence website.


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