BRITA discusses how it creates competition-worthy water


BRITA discusses its sponsorship of the World Brewers Cup and World Cup Tasters Championships and what goes into making a competition-worthy water. 

The World Coffee Championships are the most important dates in the yearly calendar for any national champion. Preparation involves adequate training, a game plan, and confidence in the ingredients used on stage. For many baristas, this largely involves coffee, but there’s one other element that is critical to a winning performance: water.

According to BRITA Marketing Director for Australia and New Zealand, Nadine Miller, this is where water filtration company BRITA can help barista’s shine, as the official water sponsor of the 2022 World Cup Tasters and World Brewer Cup Championships.

“Coffee is made of 98 per cent water, so the right water is fundamental for the cup quality. You need to know your water and then choose the right filtration solution, which is exactly what we aligned together with the Specialty Coffee Association (event organisers of the World Coffee Championships),” she says.

Nadine says BRITA’s working relationship with the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) is a collaboration, with the two bodies working together to deliver the best water quality to competitors.

“As the coffee sector is one of the key segments of our business, and thanks to our longstanding partnership with the SCA, we are very proud to be the sponsor of these two championships. We can demonstrate our water filtration expertise to the specialty coffee community. Not to mention, we love coffee,” says Nadine.

Nadine says with BRITA’s preparation of the SCA water specifications (as shown in the breakout box), the company can actively contribute to the success of the global coffee competitions.

“All participants of the championships are well aware of the importance of water for their end product. We offer filtered water which meets the SCA specifications to give the participants the best possible start,” she says.

The World Brewers Cup will take place at the Melbourne International Coffee Expo from 27 to 30 September. To ensure every world championship competitor has access to the same high- quality water, BRITA will set-up a water filling station which is accessible for all participants.

“As a sponsor of the competition, we will make sure the water recipes used are in line with the specifications of the competition. Water will be prepared on demand, and participants will be given jerrycans to take away. This requires a water analysis upfront at the event, and we will take samples to measure water parameters to find the best suitable filter solutions,” Nadine says.

She says there are a few reasons why Melbourne’s water is so unique compared to other cities and countries.

“Melbourne has soft water due to the processes of where the water comes from and what happens before it reaches the end user. The water is unique in the sense that it’s only one of two cities in the world with drinking water that comes from protected catchments which require less treatment,” Nadine says.

Melbourne’s water mainly comes from the native forests in the Yarra Ranges where it acts as a natural filter which is then fed into the water storage reservoirs. Nadine says the water can be stored in those reservoirs for up to five years, which helps improve quality as impurities break down over time. Once the water leaves the reservoirs, the water is purified at the water treatment plant so that it meets strict health standards for the water to be suitable for drinking.

“Due to this process, Melbourne generally has soft water accessible to the public. BRITA filters will be used as a softener and will be able to filter any impurities that may be present in the water used for the competition,” Nadine says.

She adds that water recipes in the Open Service Round of the Brewers Cup have fixed requirements in place, so BRITA won’t need to educate competitors on Melbourne’s water quality ahead of the competition. They will already be familiar with the water being used.

“Specific BRITA filters used in the competitions will be determined a few weeks prior to the event. And specific water temperatures have not been requested, just ambient as it comes out of the tap. The water will simply be heated during the brewing process,” Nadine says.

It’s this attention to detail that BRITA takes very seriously, and the reason Nadine believes the company has such long standing relationships in the Australian coffee market.

“Water filtration is our main expertise. We see ourselves as a partner for our customers. We have our own research and development team, sensory department, and water training facility,” she says.

At BRITA, Nadine says the company ensures the best possible water for not only the sensory aspects of coffee but machine protection, whether it be limescale or corrosion.

“Coffee is only as good as the water. We optimise the taste of coffee and protect our customer’s equipment so it can be used without regular obstacles such as mineral build up and boiler corrosion,” she says.

“We also offer tailor-made filter solutions to each customer pending water analysis. We make sure to understand our customer needs, where they are located, what previous issues they have had or are currently having. With that information, we ensure that we give them the best solution with our filter offering.”

Nadine says BRITA also demonstrates its global commitment to the café industry by being a part of several key industry associations.

BRITA looks forward to sharing its water filtration expertise with the specialty coffee community.

“We work with associations such as the SCA, the European Vending & Coffee Service Association (EVA), and the Global Coffee Institute. On top of that, our subsidiaries all over the world have national partnerships,” she says.

“We were also there for our customers when they had to close their shops during the pandemic and helped them to re-open by showing them how to get a filter re-started.”

Looking ahead, Nadine says the needs of the coffee market are forever evolving, and BRITA will continue to provide the best solution.

“BRITA has been a trusted brand within Australia for many years. It started with our consumer portfolio, introducing Australians to our world famous in-home water filter jug systems. Naturally, we progressed to manufacturing our professional range and within Australia many coffee dealers welcomed us with open arms, understanding we had a solid and recognisable brand presence and reputation,” she says.

“While we continuously work on new products, our commitment never changes. Working hand in hand with our business partners has only cemented our good name in the industry, leading us to success. Australia is a very unique country and one that BRITA intends on supporting with outstanding sustainable water solutions for many years to come.”

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