Brittany Gunther of Grinders Coffee named Coffee Masters – New York contender

The finalists for Coffee Masters – New York 2018 have been announced, including Australia’s Brittany Gunther of Grinders Coffee.

Brittany will compete for the grand prize of US$5000 (approximately $6885) at The New York Coffee Festival, taking place from 12 – 14 October.

Other finalists include Anthony Knauf of Black Sheep Coffee in New Zealand and numerous baristas from Europe as well as North and Central America.

Swedish Barista and Brewers Champion Anne Lunell will lead a team of judges, including Michelle Johnson, Kris Schackman, David Donde and Tymika Lawrence.

Coffee Masters is a fast-paced knockout battle format competition, which sees 16 baristas showcase their skills head-to-head across a broad range of disciplines: Cupping, Brewing, Latte Art, The Order and The Signature Drink, with The Espresso Blend being included for those who successfully make it to the Coffee Masters semi-finals.

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