Brother Café

The youngest of four boys, Darren Pedler, 26, appropriately named his café Brother Café, a suburban coffee shop that’s cemented Darren’s passion for the coffee industry.

Since the age of 12, Darren has been surrounded by the warm aromas of coffee beans. On a journey of discovery, Darren worked in his parent’s café, travelled to Europe and dabbled in a finance career before he was drawn back into the world of coffee.

“Owning a café has changed my focus from food to coffee, and I’ve discovered this is where my true passion lies,” Darren says. “I’m one of the youngest café owners in Perth by a long shot, so meeting people with more experience than me and learning from them is something I value.”

Situated close to a wide coffee strip in Perth, Darren says what sets his café apart from the competitors, is a family friendly feel, well trained baristas, quality beans and superior equipment. The café uses a Kees Van Der
Westen Mirage Veloce and Toby’s Estate’s Woolomboo blend, which Darren describes as having “a true depth of flavour with a slight spice” and constantly alters single origins, including café favourite – the organic fairtrade Organic Peru Penachi.

Brother Café has also introduced pour overs, cold drip and siphons, something Darren says is a rarity in Perth but will create a point of difference for his café. “The café is all about coffee education.The Perth market is really open to trying new things,” Darren says.

Brother Café offers a breakfast and lunch menu including a full cabinet of rolls, popular home-made ginger beer, and ice tea with lemongrass, apple and berry flavours.

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