Brunetti Group enters a new era of ownership

Brunetti flinders

Melbourne’s iconic Brunetti Group has embarked on a significant restructure, after decades of growth from a small shop-front to an iconic local and international food emporium brand with Italian sweets, savouries, and coffee.

Owned by the Angelé Family since 1991, the Brunetti Group will be split into two separate business entities: one group will be owned and operated by Fabio Angelé, the other group will be owned and operated by his brother, Yuri Angelé.

The Fabio Angelé group will include the Carlton store with its own production facility and the joint venture in the T2 and T4 venues at Melbourne airport, under the rebrand of Brunetti Classico.

“Celebrating the artisanal craftsmanship and culinary delights of Italy, in a world of constant change, Brunetti Classico will stay true to its traditions,” says Fabio Angelé.

The Yuri Angelé group will include the Flinders Lane store, Myer Melbourne store, Singapore, and the production facility in Brunswick under the rebrand of Brunetti Oro.

“Whilst staying true to our culture and Italian heritage, Brunetti Oro represents the new generation bringing to life an Italian tradition with a twist on the old, and a touch of the new,” says Yuri Angelé.

Both groups, Brunetti Classico and Brunetti Oro, are committed to the ongoing development and growth of their businesses. Both are also passionately committed to upholding the heritage, values, and quality that have established a proud legacy of exquisite food and exceptional customer experience.

The brothers say, today, the Brunetti name is a living legend and under the brands Brunetti Classico and Brunetti Oro, the Brunetti legacy is in good family hands for the future.

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