common grounds

Common Grounds

After years of working in cafés for other people, Szymon Jagus saw moving to Gowrie in the Australian Capital Territory as an opportunity to go into business for himself. Common Grounds not only saw his ambitions come true but also helped him connect with his new neighbours and community. Read more

PC Eatery

PC Eatery

Pic’s Peanut Butter World is almost like something out of a Road Dahl book. A giant peanut butter jar sits outside the factory doors, which open to the public for tours six days a week. Read more

85 espresso

85 Espresso

Moving from Canberra to Melbourne three years ago, Steph Matar and Ibrahim Khodr came across a small café in Spotswood, Victoria, where they saw great potential. Read more

lupo lab

Lupo Lab

Few industries attract the kind of passionate people that coffee does, and Mirko Silvestri is a great example. Read more

kerry street pear tree

Kerry Street Pear Tree

For Ronald Canty, working as a chef on private yachts for the rich and famous off the coast of France might have been a life of luxury, but it wasn’t the best way to raise his newborn son. Six months after settling down in Perth – his wife’s hometown – Ron stumbled on a derelict corner store in Hamilton Hill and saw potential. Read more

Café Ambassador

Café Ambassador

Kelvin Lu grew up in coffee, with his parents owning and operating cafés since the early 2000s. Setting out on his own with Café Ambassador in 2019, Kelvin saw it as a chance to present specialty coffee to the town of Southport on the Gold Coast. Read more

The Olive

About 1400 kilometres off the coast of New South Wales, Norfolk Island is home to almost 1800 people, the evergreen Norfolk pine trees, and The Olive, a café that has built strong relationships with the local community. Naomi Thompson became the Owner/Operator of the café in 2010 after discovering a ‘For Sale’ sign during a Christmas holiday the year before. Read more

saturdays cafe


Saturdays are for fun and relaxation. That’s one of the reasons why Eddy Yu named his first café in New Brighton, Christchurch, after the first day of the weekend. Read more

rusty rabbit

The Rusty Rabbit

Thanks to a strong following and online presence, The Rusty Rabbit in Darlinghurst has fared better than many other businesses during COVID-19. Read more

ona coffee melbourne

Ona Coffee Melbourne

Sustainability is truly at the core of Ona Coffee Melbourne, the new Brunswick flagship of the acclaimed roaster. From the solar panels and water tank that run the venue to its recycled materials and reusable cup policy, every precaution has been taken to reduce the café’s impact on the environment. Read more

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