bear with me

Bear With Me

“Bear with me” is a phrase that comes up often is hospitality, and Alicia Liu and Viv Xiao felt it was the right tongue-in-cheek message to send when they opened their second café.

“We were known for creating Vilicia Coffee [our first café], but going into a residential area and opening up a whole kitchen with food service was relatively new to us,” Alicia says. Read more

waves avoca beach

Waves Avoca Beach

Waves café in Avoca Beach has not only kept afloat but thrived during lockdown.
Co-owners Jay Gilchrist and Kimberly Bridgefoot attribute this to an ability to adapt, as well as support from the local community.

“We’ve stayed on top of offering great and consistent coffee and food, and changed the menu to better suit a takeaway theme, with less of a sit-down focus,” Jay says. Read more

rowena corner store

Rowena Corner Store

Food and culture have always been at the core of Rowena Corner Store. Owner Con Coustas says the ‘recipe’ of the café is a “hefty serving of traditional Mediterranean provincial cooking, add a splash of international goodness, a pinch of modern innovation, and simmer slowly over a warm Richmond flame”. Read more

veneziano coffee canberra

Veneziano Coffee Canberra

After a decade of operating in Australia’s capital, Veneziano Coffee Roasters finally opened the doors to its Canberra headquarters in April.

The space features a “pseudo training studio cellar door” and offers beans and equipment for home use. With initial plans to launch a full suite of barista training classes, the Veneziano team had to rethink its offering to comply with social distancing rules amidst the COVID-19 outbreak. Read more

Hobby Lane

Hobby Lane

When chef Peter Shaw took over a delicatessen in Michelton, Queensland in 2010, he envisioned turning it into a destination where he and others can practice their passion for food and hospitality. Thus, Hobby Lane was born.

“I always wanted the café to be a success for all. Our goal isn’t just money, it’s the popularity of the café, enjoyment of our customers, and happiness of our staff,” Peter says. Read more

E-Scene: Fans of the Magazine

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Andrew Sholakis
After spending 10 years in the coffee industry as a barista and working for a local coffee roaster, last year has marked the start of what I hope will be my own exciting chapter in local business. I opened Volume 2 Café, located in the heart of Abbotsford in Melbourne, along with my business partners George and Andrew.

Combining our diverse skills and passion for coffee, we’ve been able to create something pretty special that stands up against the best in the city. While we are still in our infancy, the response has been overwhelming and we are quickly building a strong following within the local community and abroad. We look forward to seeing you soon at V2.


Cathy Macri
I founded Two Siisters Pantry with my sister Maryanne and two daughters, Deana and Tayla. With a wealth of experience in the hospitality industry, the two sets of sisters have worked hard to take inspiration from everything they have learned throughout their careers to ensure a unique and memorable experience for every customer.

Two Siisters Pantry is a celebration of family, friends, good food, and high-quality coffee. We believe life shouldn’t be taken too seriously and the solution to the world’s problems can be found at the bottom of a coffee cup.

The coffee industry in Australia is growing rapidly and people are embracing it. With the vast amount of milk options offered nowadays, drinking coffee has become an enjoyable way of life.


Roberto Moras
Growing up in an Italian family, my love for the bean started at an early age. When I was young my grandfather would sneak me sips of his espresso when my parents weren’t looking and over time this led to a full-blown passion. As a teenager, I researched coffee to understand it on a complex level and I found myself becoming perceptive about different flavours, the quality of the roast, and what constitutes a good crema. During this time I learnt to critique coffee and was never shy to provide feedback to local baristas at one of my regular haunts.

At home, a Nescafé with a few sugars is my guilty pleasure, but otherwise I enjoy a caffe latte among friends. I’m a data analyst now, but up until recently I worked at the Dirty Apron Café in Clifton Hill. It was a great place to work and a real community hub. I love the way coffee brings people together and encourages interaction, it’s a real social lubricant.


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Café New Chapter

Café New Chapter

After competing in multiple National Barista Championships and working as a sales representative in the coffee industry, Long Nguyen developed an ambition to bridge the gap between specialty coffee and mainstream consumers.

Out of this dream Café New Chapter was born in Wellington, New Zealand. Read more

infusion on clarence

Infusion on Clarence

Clarence Street in the heart of Sydney’s CBD is a bustling hub of activity, full of offices, businesses, and hotels. With so much activity in the area, the massive volume of foot traffic has paved the way for one of the city’s most competitive café battlegrounds to emerge. Read more

little bay

The Little Bay

Celebrating its first birthday last December, The Little Bay in Western Australia attributes its warm atmosphere to friendly service, great food and coffee, and gorgeous views of the ocean.

“It’s been an outstanding first year,” Marketing Manager Anneliese Hvalgaard says. “We’ve been embraced by the locals, as well as the wider Perth community seeking out the coastal dining style we offer.” Read more

maxie coffee

Maxie Coffee

The greater Kingston area has one of the fastest growing populations in Tasmania. Despite its growth, Sam Whang-Randall, Owner of Maxie Coffee, says until recently, the area’s specialty coffee scene was virtually non-existent. Read more

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