10 hastings street

10 Hastings Street

Louise Thoms did not anticipate just how busy her café would become when she opened 10 Hastings Street at Noosa Main Beach in Queensland seven years ago.

“We were living in Portugal when my husband was offered a job in Australia. We arrived in Noosa, where I found this empty space and thought, ‘I might open a café here’,” Louise says. “I had never been in hospitality before, was seven months pregnant, and already had three boys under six. We initially only served coffee and cakes, but it has since grown to seven-day breakfast, lunch, and dinner service.” Read more

manly kitchen

Manly Kitchen

While not as famous as its beachy New South Wales namesake, the Queensland coastal town of Manly has become a boating hotspot, home to a number of clubs and the largest boat harbour facility in the Southern Hemisphere.

Manly Kitchen, just off the coast, incorporates the town’s boating history into its interior with a set of oars proudly adorned on its walls below the café’s name. A blue and white colour scheme, wooden tables and seating, and a colourful espresso bar combine to create a friendly, modern, and fun atmosphere. Read more

Bang Grind

Bang & Grind

Prior to taking ownership of Bang & Grind in 2016, Tony Barr was a long-time regular of the Cairns café.

“I’ve been in the business since 1994 and this is my fifth store. I realised it had a lot of potential as a coffee shop, especially in the busy city area,” Tony says. Read more

Method to the Madness

Method to the Madness

What’s in a name? When the time came to name their first café in the Sunshine State, Reagan Nongkhlaw and Urvik Bhalani turned to one the greatest creative minds in history – William Shakespeare.

Method to the Madness comes from a famous line in Hamlet, “Though this be madness, yet there is method”. Reagan says they settled on the name because it reflected his and Urvik’s decision to move from the dynamic Melbourne coffee scene to Kenmore. Read more

Barbosa Fine Foods

Barbosa Fine Foods

While Barbosa is a name many film fans will associate with The Pirates of the Caribbean, thanks to Barbosa Fine Food Deli, the population of Robina in Queensland instead connects the name to good coffee and high-end organic products.

Located in the food precinct of the Robina Town Centre, Barbosa Fine Foods provides fresh local produce, as well as imported cheeses, meats, and other items you’d expect to find at an Italian deli. Read more

The Sensory

The Sensory

When Sydney barista Peter Jeon moved to Emerald in Queensland, he brought a love of specialty coffee with him, and wanted to share it with the local community.

Peter opened The Sensory in November 2018, his second café in Emerald following the success of his first, Shelfield Coffee Brewers. 

“Emerald is a mining town and many of the people moved here from big cities, so enough people wanted good coffee,” Peter says.

“I thought a specialty coffee shop might work here, and opening my own café was a dream. I knew if I opened my own coffee shop, Campos Coffee would be my first choice.” Read more

Bloom Room

The Bloom Room

The idea behind The Bloom Room’s flowery aesthetic blossomed from Co-owners Giorgina Venzin and Chris Hollingsworth sitting down with a piece of paper, a pen, and a bit of inspiration from Pinterest and European café design. 

“Everywhere you look there’s flowers,” Chris says. “We covered the ceiling with wisterias and set up a floral wall.

“We’d noticed at a few pop-up cafés that flower walls were popular for Instagram shots. Social media is so powerful when it comes to marketing these days. We thought, ‘why not create a flower wall where people can come in, get great food, great coffee, and get that photo?’” Read more

Chalet Co

Chalet & Co

Just south of Noosa is Sunrise Beach, a town Connie Pai calls a hidden gem.

“Sunrise is one of the quieter beaches if you want to escape from all the tourism in Noosa. You’ve got more locals here,” she says.

Connie opened Chalet & Co in 2016 with her husband Will Lillecrapp after years of working as a barista.

“I’d been working in cafés around town for seven or eight years and always wanted to open my own,” Connie says.

Before Connie had bought the venue, she knew who her roaster partner would be.

“Campos Coffee was my first choice before I even knew we were opening this café. I got John [Ronchi, Director of Campos Coffee QLD]’s phone number then contacted the head office,” she says. “I’m really happy with them.”

Chalet & Co serves the Campos Superior Blend for its tasting notes of sweet red fruit with caramels and chocolates.

“They even sent someone to have a look at the spot for us before we opened.”

Despite her experience working in cafés, it was through visiting and trying other venues, local and in the city, that Connie became aware of Campos.

“Campos was the coffee I always found good and consistent. I know they’ve got high standards,” she says.

To complement its coffee, Chalet & Co offers a range of traditional café items, vegan options, and gluten-free alternatives.

“We’ve got your old school eggs Benedict and bacon and eggs that the tradies like, or healthy alternatives like vegan porridge, house-made paleo granola, vegan falafel, and superfood salad that attracts fitness people,” Connie says.

Chalet & Co takes its name from Beach Chalet, the general store that existed at the location prior to the café.

Connie says Chalet & Co has received good support from both the local community and tourists visiting the area.

“[The café]’s right near the beach, so we’ve got a lot of Airbnb places nearby and a lot have recommended people come to our café,” she says. “When you get a good review, it feels really rewarding.”


11/1 Tingira Cres, Sunrise Beach, Queensland, 4567

Open Monday to Saturday 6am to 3pm, Sunday 6:30am to 2pm

(07) 5319 3075

Campos Long Island

Campos Long Island

After more than a year of development, Campos launched its new flagship café, Campos Long Island, in August.

The 500-square-metre venue has three different sections, all with unique characteristics. Through these, Campos Long Island provides different atmospheres and settings within the one venue, which appeal to a variety of customers looking for different dining experiences. Read more

Hard Coffee Beach Café

In terms of location, there’s not much more you could want from Hard Coffee. The Noosa-based café is located just across the road from Noosa Heads Main Beach, and there’s a steady flow of surfers, locals, and tourists who pass by the idyllic spot for a surf or to stop at Shane Newton’s café for quality-produced coffee.

“When I started here 11 years ago we were one of the only cafés serving specialty coffee and doing it well, but now the culture has become stronger and there’s a number of small roasters in Noosa and a greater push towards specialty coffee,” he says. “It’s good for the town to have options. It does make it more competitive, but it has also educated people to have a greater appreciation for specialty coffee.” Read more

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