Café Diversity

Café Diversity Owners Kris and Emily De Silva have gone from running a Melbourne reception centre that served 400 meals in one sitting, to a 160-seater beachside café in Queensland.

“It was time for a sea change. We spent 10 years in Melbourne running the centre, but had always wanted to move up to Queensland. We bought a caravan, travelled for seven months, then decided to make Redcliffe home. We’ve been there two years now,” Kris says. Read more

The Daily Coffee Co


Nestled into the ground floor of the heritage-listed University of Queensland Business School, The Daily Coffee Co is open for business and pouring coffees for sleep-deprived Brisbane students and city workers.

The Daily Coffee Co endeavours to support local suppliers. It sources its coffee from Albion’s Neighbourhood Coffee Roasters, using its Golden Ticket as the house blend. This coffee combines washed and natural processed beans from India, Sumatra, and Ethiopia.

Ed Cantarelli, The Daily Coffee Co Head Barista, says the blend contains a peanut and praline aroma with a body reminiscent to “Wonka’s dark chocolate bar”, and the sweetness of Jaffa and spiced raisins.

Also available is Neighbourhood’s Coffee Cherry Bomb, comprising Ethiopian and Brazil beans to produce a light body in the cup, a cherry aroma, and the sweetness of blueberries and chocolate.

“We wanted to source great coffee from a local roaster as we wanted to support Brisbane. The vision was to create a space for people to enjoy great coffee and recharge at the UQ Brisbane City Campus,” Ed says.

Twenty cents from every coffee served goes to a cause of the customer’s choice, in support of The University of Queensland’s Not If, When – a campaign to create change. Such causes include dementia research and scholarships for students in need.

“We thought it was a great way to give back,” Ed says. “The team and myself are passionate about making a difference and I think our customers will be amazed over the coming months how their daily 20-cent donation has created change in people’s lives. The University of Queensland does some amazing research and funds community based charities.”

In addition to its social mission and fresh coffee roasts, guests can enjoy icy servings of their nitro teas and coffees, including cold drip on tap, which at the time of print featured an El Salvador coffee with a “creamy finish, stone fruit sweetness, and low acidity”.

When it comes to food options, The Daily Coffee Co has a little something for everyone, including a menu for long lunches, city meets, and on-the-go quick bites. Items include Reuben jaffles, toasted sourdough topped with avocado, feta and lemon, palaeo choc banana bread, or house-baked ham, Swiss cheese, and Dijon mustard toasties.

293 Queen St,

Brisbane City, Queensland, 4000

Open seven days 6.30am to 3.00pm

Extraction Artisan Coffee

It took 18 months of blood, sweat, tears, and big life decisions, but Extraction Artisan Coffee is ready to change the game for coffee lovers in the heart of Slacks Creek.

The venture has been a labour of love for owners Alex Milosevic and Heather Scott, who realised a hard-fought dream when they opened the doors of their roastery and café in April 2016.

Alex and Heather had a vision to create the sort of coffee experience rarely found outside inner-city precincts, and used their life savings to make it a reality.

They bought an industrial warehouse in 2013 and after a series of hurdles with bank loans and funding, made the tough decision to put their house on the market.

Determined to make their dream a reality, Alex and Heather pooled enough funds to buy a 10-kilogram Probat roaster, a mini test roaster, and crowdfunded the rest to start roasting and sharing their product.

A lightning four-week crowd-funding campaign through Pozible saw them raise $25,000 to purchase quality green beans and a Nuova Simonelli Gravimetric Black Eagle coffee machine.

“We had amazing support, not just from our friends and family, but from complete strangers. It was so humbling to see other people – especially coffee lovers in the Logan community – support our dream,” says Alex.

The venue now boasts a commercial kitchen to deliver fresh, seasonal, and locally sourced food. It even makes its own raisin brioche, muffins, cakes, and boasts an extensive spring breakfast and lunch menu.

Café Manager Danilo Andrade heads up the coffee research and development department. Earlier this year he won the Australian Specialty Coffee Association’s Northern Region Brewers Cup.

When he’s not brewing a mean pour over, Danilo and Extraction Artisan staff serve their own roasted Milk blend, containing 50 per cent Caldas Royale Brazilian beans and 50 per cent El Jardin Colombian beans. An Espresso blend is also available, featuring Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Konga beans and Supersonic El Salvador, and micro lot Prado from Brazil for filter coffees.

“We’re passionate about coffee education and have plans for coffee appreciation and barista workshops, and coffee roasting courses in future,” Alex says.

“Logan residents deserve to experience what has become the norm for people living in Brisbane, and we’re very excited to be able to deliver that. Our dream has been to create a coffee roastery/café that focuses on the highest quality beans and product, but also provides a full coffee experience and becomes a hub where people gather, work and relax.”

Emjays Coffee

When Ian Griggs first moved to Australia from North England, he gained a foothold in the hospitality market by selling coffee around Maroochydore on the Sunshine Coast.

“At the time we got lots of customers telling us we made the best coffee on the coast. It was enough incentive to want to start my own coffee shop,” Ian says.

Before long, he turned his part time coffee job into a full time career, sidelining his accounting degree.

“We opened the first store in 2008 and gradually got busier and busier. Eventually, our Creek Street store started roasting for the rest of our other locations, one in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast,” Ian says. “Our whole business is built on coffee quality. I want Emjays to be a place where people seek out great coffee, and go back for more.”

Ian says Brisbane is gaining momentum with coffee trends, which closely feeds off Melbourne. “There’s lots of people roasting up here. The industry is moving towards high quality, and that’s largely spread from Melbourne’s influence – we just get it a year later,” Ian says.

Emjays Coffee customers can choose from three main blends, Jungle Fever, Wild Boar, Black Bear, and a selection of rotating single origins. Jungle Fever is a rich yet balanced medium roast, with bittersweet, raisin-toned chocolate notes. Ian says this blend cuts through milk particularly well. The Wild Boar – also great for milk coffees – is a full-bodied, darker roast that’s deep and complex upfront, with mild acidity and a smooth finish. For black coffee options, the Black Bear is the way to go – a light blend that offers a balance between citrus fruits and a creamy mouthfeel.

Clever coffee dripper and cold drip are available in-store, which Ian says highlights the fruity tones of the Indonesian Blue Batak, available at the time of print.

When Ian’s not busy roasting on the shop’s 10-kilogram Has Garanti, he enjoys mingling with his customers.

“The other day a customer stopped me to say he had feedback,” Ian says. “I anticipated it was negative, but it was so refreshingly positive. He said he loved the coffee and the friendly service we provide. What a great wrap.”

Woodman’s Axe Espresso

Within the competition circuit, Merryn Ward is a familiar name.

She is a two-time Queensland Cup Tasters Champion and third-place winner in the 2015 Australian Cup Tasters Championship. But when she’s not slurping coffee to the roar of a crowd or a ticking clock, Merryn is behind the coffee machine with husband Steve at Woodman’s Axe Espresso in Mackay. Read more

Journeymen Coffee Roasters

When passersby peer through the roller door and smell the rich roasting aroma of coffee, their inquisitiveness often gets the better of them: “What’s going on?” they ask. “We’re a coffee roaster and café. Come in and try some coffee,” Mel Maksic invites.

Like the name suggests, Co-Owners and friends Mel, Anne Newberry, and Liam Christian have embarked on their own journey to start their first roasting business.

Mel and Anne first met while making coffee together at Queensland’s Alen’s Espresso.

Liam was a regular customer and a welcome addition to the Journeymen team, whose experience in roasting involves many practice sessions on his Behmor home roaster.

Mel has worked in Melbourne with Veneziano Coffee Roasters, and Anne at Toby’s Estate’s in Toowoomba, both experiences giving the keen baristas hands-on training and customer experience.

“Mel and I have always had a passion and curiosity for the coffee industry. Seeing the success of these larger businesses inspired us to start our own roastery. We went to the Melbourne International Coffee Expo in 2013 and that experienced opened our eyes. It taught us that coffee was much more than just pumping out latte after latte. It taught us to focus on the bean, its origin and processing,” Anne says.

That hunger for knowledge resulted in Mel and Anne joining the Women in Coffee Australian Chapter formation where they were fortunate to visit some of Australia’s own coffee farms in the Tweed Valley.

“We made so many valuable connections. The group is a great way to celebrate the importance of women in the industry from seed to cup,” Mel says.

As such, the three have harnessed all their experience to start Journeymen Coffee Roasters, and happily get up at 4.30am each day to spend time perfecting their roast and daily pours.

“When you visit a farmer’s market you always see how much care and respect the growers have for their produce, and we want to have that same effect on our coffee,” Anne says.

Liam works his magic on a 15-kilogram Has Garanti roaster to create the Journey blend. It’s a seasonal mix of beans that at the time of print included Nicaraguan, Colombian, and Guatemalan beans.

“It embraces everything we love in a good blend: chocolate, sweet tones from the Nicaraguan beans – the main player in this blend – body and juicy flavours from the Guatemalan beans, and brightness and complexity thanks to the Colombian beans,” Anne says.

A range of “exotic” rotating single origins are also available, including favourites from Kenya, El Salvador, and Nicaragua, at the time of print.

Alternative brew methods are just a pour over or AeroPress away, but Mel says the MoccaMaster batch brewer is fast becoming a firm favourite.

Coffee remains the number one focus at Journeymen, but for peckish customers, locally baked salted chocolate chip and peanut butter cookies are a daily winner.

The small warehouse space embraces an industrial feel with an espresso bar at the front, and roaster at the back.

“People love looking at the roaster. They know coffee gets roasted but they don’t often see it in practice, so it’s a great way for people to understand the process of coffee production a bit more,” Mel says.

Journeymen is located in the light industrial neighbourhood of Miami. It attracts early birds after their morning surf, and a strong local following of coffee lovers throughout the day.

“When people come to Journeymen we want them to feel comfortable to come inside and be curious. So many times we’ve been cupping and customers hear us slurping and ask: ‘What are you doing?’ We tell them: ‘This is cupping, come in, grab a spoon and give it a go,’” Mel says.

If it’s not already obvious, Anne and Mel say the best parts of their day are spent interacting with their customers.

“We love meeting new people and being responsible for the smiles on our customer’s faces,” Mel says. “When they say, ‘That’s the best coffee I’ve had’, it gives us a buzz and a real sense of pride. Come in and enjoy the journey with us.”

Velocity Espresso Bar

No two days are the same at Gold Coast Airport.

One day actor Hugh Jackman might by strolling through the terminals, the next hundreds of customers are in a panic after hearing their flight is delayed. While passengers can never rely on the unpredictable nature of flying, they can rely on quality coffee topped off with impressive latte art at Velocity Espresso Bar.

“Our goal is to serve the best quality coffee possible. The volume and speed we go through gives us greater consistency. We can go anywhere between 8 to 10 kilograms each day,” says Brett McKimmin, Airport Retail Enterprises’ (ARE) National Coffee Operations Manager at Gold Coast Airport.

He says customers are sure to be greeted with impressive latte art from one of ARE’s prized baristas, such as Matt Reece.

Matt has worked at ARE Gold Coast Airport for the past nine years as Supervisor and Barista, and recently placed third in the Australian Specialty Coffee Association Southern Region Latte Art Competition. ARE barista Kayla Hanna placed fifth in the same event.

Daily practice paired with additional training from Mocopan Coffee has seen the ARE baristas compete in a wide range of events from latte art smackdowns to the Coffee Chain Championships where Velocity placed fourth.

Velocity staff serves its airport customers Mocopan Coffee’s Allegria blend and a regular single origin.

Also on show is the Brew Bar Concept machine, the first of its kind to be installed in the country. Brett designed the under counter Brew Bar with the concept of a beer tap in mind.

“The Brew Bar is the reason our staff can deal with the high volume of coffee they go through each day, which can be up to 135 hot coffee beverages in an hour,” Brett says.

He adds the quality of airport cafés has shifted dramatically over the past five years. No longer are airport cafés a last resort for passengers waiting for a flight, but the first choice as more people travel on a regular basis.

“Our standards we set are high. We get continual remarks from pilots, and staff about the quality of our coffee,” Brett says. “We have frequent, loyal customers who repeatedly come back to visit us, and we welcome new faces too.”

Coffee Anthology

Coffee Anthology Owner Adam Wang has a small problem when it comes to selecting the coffee to put into his hopper each day. “There’s too many wonderful coffees to choose from,” he says.

As such, Adam is determined to showcase different roasted beans from around Australia and present customers with a unique coffee experience.

“I’ve tried lots of different coffee roasters and if I like what I taste, I will happily add it to our menu,” he says. “I take customer recommendations, try new blends, and look for new roasters and blends all the time. Coffee can be quite subjective so we always look to serve two blends at any one time.”

Adam says it’s not uncommon to change one of his grinders with a new blend daily. He says his customers appreciate the diversity. “No matter what we serve each coffee is extracted to the best of its ability,” Adam says.
For those who hate change, Adam says Padre’s Daddy’s Girl blend is a popular staple coffee, as is Uncle Joe’s Coffee House.

Other roasters who have graced his La Marzocco Strada EP include Industry Beans, Duke Coffee Roasters, Small Batch, Market Lane, Proud Mary, Seven Seeds, Cartel Coffee Roasters, Code Black, Single Origin Roasters, Reuben Hills, and Axil Coffee Roasters.

“My personal preference is African beans, so the best part of knowing so many roasters is that I can usually find a good Ethiopian bean at any time of the year,” Adam says.

To make the process less overwhelming for customers, Adam groups his coffee into four categories of different flavour profiles and origins. A variety of alternative brew methods are also available, including pour over and syphon.

Light lunch items complement the coffee menu, but predominantly, the focus is all about the beans. “We’re located in the Brisbane CBD with a busy culture of people who want items to go,” Adam says. “The great thing about Brisbane’s café scene is that it’s growing. There are lots of people doing great coffee and food, and it’s very healthy competition. Everyone wants to see each other do well.”

Coffee Anthology celebrated its first birthday on 7 July, but for the time being Adam is focused on serving is Brisbane customers, and preparing for the Australian Specialty Coffee Association Queensland Latte Art Championship.

“When I first started in the industry seven years ago I thought latte art was cool, but then I saw coffee making as more about perfecting extractions,” Adam says. “I’m passionate about coffee and love to learn.”

Gusto on the beach

Parallel to the pristine waters of Curl Curl Beach on New South Wales’ Northern Beaches is a café that’s attracting as much attention for its coffee as the beach does for its surf.

“We want people to come here not just for the location but for the quality of coffee. We want Gusto on the Beach to become a coffee destination,” says Tim Jones, CEO of Belaroma Coffee.

Gusto Coffee is one of Belaroma’s seven coffee brands. Gusto on the Beach is the new Gusto flagship café. The venue opened in November within the South Curl Curl Surf Life Saving Club, which has been a key part of the local community since 1915. The site’s kiosk has been a staple to the lifesaving club for years.

“We thought it important to showcase the quality of Gusto coffee, so we launched our first Gusto-branded café,” Tim says.

Head Barista Michael Camiller serves customers Gusto on the Beach’s Mañana blend using a three-group Unic Stella di Caffe and a Nuova Simonelli Mythos grinder. All Gusto beans are roasted on a state-of-the-art Brambati roaster at the Belaroma coffee roasting facility in Manly Vale.

“With beans sourced from Central America, this blend is spicy, intense with a nice sweetness to it,” Tim says. “It has a full body with medium acidity and high aromatics combine to produce a satisfying all round experience. It’s a great blend for milk-based coffees, which is mainly what we serve.”

A range of alternative brew methods are available for filter coffees, and rotating single origin coffees are always on offer.

“Our different coffees and brew methods are still very much an education process, but the main thing is that we’re making it available and accessible to people. Most of our café customers are residents from the local area, but people are keen to come in and try something different – that’s an attitude we’re definitely seeing improve,” Tim says. 

Gusto on the Beach is a point of connection between all types of people who are after a place to unwind and enjoy life on the lower Northern Beaches. The café has already become popular among joggers, people walking their dogs, surfers, and swimmers who love its relaxed atmosphere.

The newly renovated venue with a million-dollar view has transformed the previous dark interior with a “bright and beachy feel”. Plenty of outdoor seats and reclining chairs are scattered around the balcony for customers to soak up the summer sun.

“When it’s sunny the place is chaos, especially on the weekends when 600 nippers and their parents come down to the beach. But even on a grey, cloudy day, it’s nice for people to know they can come down to the beach and enjoy a great coffee.”

Head Chef Chris Blatchford serves a “light, tasty, and uncomplicated menu” that’s fast becoming a hit with local beach-goers looking for something other than a Golden Gaytime or bucket of chips. Favourite items include couscous salad, fresh yogurt with fruit and muesli, healthy sandwiches, and tasty salads.

“I’m really impressed with the café’s progress. We’re already seeing a great response to the Gusto blend,” Tim says. “It’s a completely new coffee experience. We don’t expect customers to compromise on their coffee for the destinations, and they don’t have to. The feedback has been brilliant.”

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