Blefari Café and Cucina

It’s been said that ‘two’s company, three’s a crowd’, but the team at Blefari Café and Cucina is proof that’s not always the case. Read more

Whipped, Bake Bar Café

Situated in the Western suburbs of Adelaide, lies the up-and-coming coastal suburb of Semaphore – home to an array of bric-a-brac stores, restaurants, bars and cafés. Located near the ocean- end of the Semaphore Pedestrian strip is Whipped, Bake Bar Cafe. Read more


Customers will be transported to the 70s’ in this coffee boutique come op-shop. The vibrant psychedelic colours and vinyl tunes of Roy Orbison and The White stripes are just a few of the ambient sounds customers can expect at Reactivate.

The shop is run by Simmo Heinrich, a mustached barista with a passion for coffee and treasured second hand clothes. The idea for a combined shop started as an activate Community church project, and has spiraled into a coffee haven for locals who don’t mind a cheap coffee and a bargain clothes item.

“Coffee has been an unexpected strength of the business and people keep coming back for it,” Simmo says. “Initially, people came in for the second hand clothes, now they come for the coffee and they get more of a shock when they see the clothes are just $3.”

The shop is not-for-profit, run by a team of volunteers with all proceeds going to three charitable projects; Free To Be Kids; an area development project in Cambodia; and a free breakfast program for western high school communities in adelaide.

Simmo has only been working with coffee for a year but says he finds his new interest exhilarating. “I never drank coffee before this job, now I’m very passionate about it,” he says.

The coffee boutique/op-shop uses Five Senses’ Harmony blend, which Simmo describes as having “nutty flavours with a strong sweetness”. They also offer single origin beans, such as the Veerattikan from India, ensuring all coffee is ethically sourced.

Reactivate uses a Rancilio two-group coffee machine that simmo bought for $500 from a closing subway restaurant.

One year on, Simmo says listening to an old turn-table, sorting clothes and serving coffee customers makes him content in his new profession. “When I can create something truly exceptional, I enjoy sharing it with people,” he says.

Red Berry Espresso

Adelaide’s Eastern suburbs boast an array of coffee outlets, serving premium quality coffee to the adoring population of suburban inhabitants. There are none better than Red Berry Espresso, the brainchild of owner, roaster and barista, Walter D’addario.

Situated just off of Greenhill Rd in Glenside, Red Berry Espresso is more than just another place to grab a coffee. In fact, Walter describes it more as a “coffee concept shop”, where aside from drinking coffee, you can buy a range of beans, domestic coffee machines and all accessories necessary to be a home barista.

There are no fancy baguettes, just a small sample of pastries to accompany the coffee.

At present, Walter plies his craft of roasting off-site, but next to the serving counter sits a five kilogram Toper roaster which will soon be installed and ready to roast the impressive array of single origins painstakingly selected by Walter.

Single origins including Brazil Santos, Columbian Supreme, Cuba, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ethiopian Hara, Ethiopian Yirgocheffe, Guatamala, Honduras, Kenya, New Guinea Peaberry Sigra, Panama and Zambia. There is also the Red Berry Blend, the only blend available.

The coffee is pulled through a white Sanremo espresso machine, installed by Walter himself, that sits behind a counter leading from the entrance to the roaster, which itself will soon be situated by hessian sacks of the green beans.

Topping off the quaint atmosphere is Walter’s second passion – cycling, with bicycles and bicycle-themed memorabilia squeezed in-between the coffee paraphernalia.

If you love a coffee specialist, drop in to Red Berry espresso.

Avila Coffee

Tucked away in a corner of the Crowne Complex, Avila Coffee is attracting growing interest among Adelaide’s travellers and coffee connoisseurs, living up to its namesake, Spanish for “desired”.

Opening late last year, it hasn’t taken long for owner Talia Wyman to gain a regular following among the local business crowd and travellers alike. Having worked in hospitality for the last seven years, Talia has brought her love of both the social and artisanal aspects of coffee to Avila’s colourful and warm environment.

Noting that Adelaide cafés most often adopt a modern décor, Talia wanted to borrow from the country’s larger cities’ more eclectic-style.

“Melbourne and Sydney cafés have this rough and raw feel to them, I really like that,” she says. “So when I came in here I wanted to ‘boutique’ it up and give it more of that specialty coffee kind of feel.”

Talia says that carrying the Campos brand has been a great boost in both showing the public that they carry high quality coffee, and following through with the specialty promise of oustanding tasting coffee.
“I knew we needed something a bit more special here to get people’s attention. I had tried Campos in Sydney and heard great things about them,” she says. “We needed a stand out name to get people walking in the door.”
As far as ensuring that the talent behind the machine could treat the coffee accordingly, Talia relied on recommendations to put experienced baristas in place. With just a few specialty cafés in the city, she looked for local baristas who were well versed in this scene. The staff were sent interstate to Campos for special training.

“The relationships between a brand and a café is very important,” she says. “You need to be on the same general path. You need to set out what your standard is and be quick and prompt in maintaining that standard.”

The spanish name translates into a Mediterranean and European influenced menu with French pastries and sweets made by a local Frenchman. The café offers an all-day breakfast, as well as a selection of foccacias and salads for the lunch-time crowd. Avila’s Spanish name will soon be reflected in the menu, as Talia is awaiting a liquor license which will see the venue open up in the evenings for tapas, wine and cocktails.

First Pour

The third café under the Veneziano Coffee Roster’s name, First Pour South Australia opened its doors in December 2011. The café and roastery brings elite barista talent and award-winning specialty coffee to the residents of Adelaide.
Director, Remo Russo, says the café is different in personality to the other First Pour cafés established in Melbourne and Brisbane. Located in Melbourne street, a prominent fashion and restaurant precinct in SA, the café is located in a heritage building using recycled timber material in the interior.

“Opening in SA was the next logical step in the progression of Veneziano and the coffee market,” Remo says. “In our city, which is becoming increasingly recognised for specialty coffee, customers actively seek out establishments that provide high quality food and coffee, coupled with a high level of customer focus. That is precisely what our aim is at the first Pour Café in SA.”

Using the First Pour blend as their signature drink, Craig Simon, Roasting and Producing Manager in Victoria, says customers experience fruity and complex flavours from their Veneziano roasted coffee. “You need to be an awesome competition barista to get the best of our beans and we select small batches of beans to constantly rotate in the café,” Craig says.

Remo adds that the wide range of available single origin beans give baristas the opportunity to interact with customers and share their knowledge about their origin. “We showcase our blends and have made First Pour a place to educate our customers,” Remo says. siphons, aero press, chemex and pour over brew methods are available.

Head Barista-trainer, Ben Rosenthal and Head Barista, Mike Wells, will lead a talented team of baristas at the café to ensure customers experience a quality beverage. “We’re always chasing the highest coffee and best experience in the cup,” Craig says. “It’s when coffee gets the chance to shine.”

Appleseed Café

Every town needs a good local café and the Appleseed Café in Strathalbyn, SA is it. Owned by Julie and Andrew Roberts, this country café has been transformed into a dining experience for customers to come and enjoy breakfast, lunch and a great cup of coffee. A popular spot for locals and business clientele, the dedicated children’s play area is also a hit with families and mothers’ groups. Read more


A warm, casual, friendly experience is what you can expect at Maria Munari and Rosey Hill’s Caffeteca, located in the backstreets of North Adelaide. This espresso and panini bar has been open for two years, however it seems not all of their customers are happy about it.

“The locals get a bit annoyed because the secret’s out and they can’t get a table these days,” co-owner Maria says. “It’s a place you can come to relax, wind down, have a quality espresso, a bite to eat whether it be sweet or savory, and leave refreshed and ready to take on the world again.”

Along with her sister Rosey, the business partners have always worked together, making the transit into the world of coffee after running a gourmet deli business together for six years.
“We had a vision of what we wanted to do and we’ve exceeded our expectations in just a two year time frame,” Maria says.

Working closely with their roaster, D’Angelo Coffee, Maria says the blends on offer at Caffetecca are seasonal and change regularly. Using a Wega coffee machine, baristas Kaden Rohriach and Craig Schultz make an excellent espresso using a variety of available coffees, including the Tanzania Valhalla estate, known for its bright acidity, as well as a Dominican Republic Barahona, which is rich and creamy.

Italian by heritage, Maria and Rosey are passionate about producing quality espresso that is more body orientated with balanced acidity and sweetness. Other interesting coffees used in blends include a Fazenda Barreiro natural from Brazil with notes of fresh tobacco and honey, and the Nicaragua Santa Rita estate with a floral fragrance and sweet nutty finish.

Focaccias, paninis and the homemade Minestrone are just a few of the delicious foods on offer for the breakfast and lunch menu. “Our cooks are Italian ladies – so they bring a home style feel to our menu,” Maria assures. “at a lot of places, you can get good coffee and bad food and visa versa, I like to think we can do both right.”

Overall, Maria and Rosey say they’re just happy to be doing something they love. “We love the customer contact, the social aspects of it and the way coffee connects people from all walks of life,” Maria says.

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