CaféSmart 2016 breaks record

CaféSmart has announced it has raised $160,523 from this year’s CaféSmart event, breaking its 2015 total of $135,612.

“Yet again the coffee industry has shown its generosity and helped us achieve a great result,” Streetsmart Founder Adam Robinson says. “It’s inspiring to work with so many people who genuinely want to make our community a better place, and through their partnership with CaféSmart, we’re able to make that happen.”

This record-breaking tally mean that CaféSmart has helped raise more than $4 million since the formation of Streetsmart.

“It’s a milestone for sure, which we couldn’t have reached without our hospitality partners. It’s because of this sustained effort and amazing support from restaurants, cafés and their customers that StreetSmart’s work was recently recognised with The Age’s Food For Good Award,” Adam says.

On 5 August, the coffee community came together to help raise awareness and funds to combat homelessness.

CaféSmart participating cafés donated $1 from every coffee sold on the day to support local homeless projects in their local suburbs. Coffee roasters also supported the cause through the donation of beans to wholesale customers, while anyone could contribute by making an online donation during August.

More than 549 cafés and 36 coffee roasters registered for this year’s event, and more than 100,000 coffee drinkers helped to raise the total figure, up 18 per cent on 2015.

Campos Coffee was named the top Roaster Partner, and Yellow Bernard in Hobart was named the Top Café Fundraiser. #CafeSmart trended on social media and more than 1000 photos were posted in the photo competition. To view the winners click here

All funds raised through CaféSmart will now be distributed through its Community Grants program in November 2016. Earlier this year StreetSmart was granted DGR1/PBI status, which allows the charity to work more closely with like-minded philanthropists, corporates and foundations. The aim of these partnerships is to double impact through matching StreetSmart Community Grants.

The focus now moves from CafeSmart to DineSmart 2016, which kicks off on the 14 November.

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