CafeSmart announces latest Supporting Sponsor

Since its inception, CafeSmart has been a testament to the power of community.

Over the past 13 years, the campaign’s success has been fuelled by the generosity and commitment of countless coffee lovers and businesses to address one of Australia’s most pressing issues: homelessness.

Behind the scenes, the invaluable support of sponsors plays a crucial role in bringing CafeSmart to life. These sponsors, driven by a shared vision to support those most at risk, provide the resources and platforms needed to amplify the campaign’s reach and impact.

This year, CafeSmart is thrilled to announce Prana Chai as its newest Supporting Sponsor for 2024. The partnership with Prana Chai was sparked over a conversation at the Melbourne International Coffee Expo, where CafeSmart and Prana Chai connected over their shared commitment to social good. 

“We truly believe in grassroots, organic activism that’s hands-on and impactful. After learning about all the good CafeSmart does for communities in Australia, it was a no brainer to get involved. Being honest to who we are and sharing things that we believe add real value to people’s lives was, and still is, one of the founding pillars of our brand!” say Taylor Hislop and Koray Gencel of Prana Chai.

“We are immensely proud to be partners with such an amazing cause led by such genuine people. By partnering with CafeSmart, we hope to learn from their passion and innovation to further spread the awareness throughout our own industry.”

As CafeSmart gears up for its 14th year, the addition of Prana Chai as a sponsor brings renewed energy and enthusiasm to the campaign. Joining the likes of Principal Sponsors La Marzocco and Vitasoy, and Supporting Sponsor Coffee Tools Distributing, the Prana Chai team aim to raise significant funds to provide safe shelter, nutritious food, wellbeing support, and medical assistance to those sleeping rough across Australia.

With over 550 cafes and roasters already on board for this year’s event, CafeSmart is set to make 2024 its most impactful year yet.

To join this coffee movement and help support those at risk, visit

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