CafeSmart reveals results of 2019 campaign

In 2019, CafeSmart supported 173 organisations with $203,070 of funding, taking its total tally to $1.2 million since it began.

StreetSmart Australia says with public funding uncertainty, many important organisations find it hard to test good ideas, extend proven programs, or fully fund their core work. One of these organisations is West Welcome Wagon in Melbourne.

“West Welcome Wagon is extremely grateful to StreetSmart and your entire network of volunteers, supporters, and donors. Our commitment to fully support asylum seekers, refugees and other needy newcomers to our region sees us maintain support for more than 500 needy households, says Chris Scerri, Chairman of West Welcome Wagon.

“Funds provided to us by StreetSmart enables us to help vulnerable families and individuals by supplying them with needy linen and bedding. We are fortunate to receive substantial donations of beds and mattresses from our generous supporters and StreetSmart’s funds turn these into a haven for our beneficiaries in their own home. We are now planning to expand into other geographic regions to extend the impact of our support.

“We treasure being a part of StreetSmart’s family of beneficiaries and love seeing how many other worthy grant recipients are performing extraordinarily to address the entire scope of homelessness.”

StreetSmart Australia says many of the organisations CafeSmart supports offer emergency and crisis aid, provide meals, accommodation, medical support, therapy, and long-term impacts such as job readiness skills training.

For 17 years, StreetSmart has also been seed funding and supporting start up social enterprises and projects and testing new responses to the homelessness crisis. One of these grants is supporting The Underground Collaborative in Perth.

“Thank you so much StreetSmart for your generous support and donation. As an emerging grassroots social enterprise, it means a lot to have some financial assistance to achieve our mission in breaking the cycles of homelessness,” says Katie Liew, Founder/CEO of The Underground Collaborative.

“These funds will make a great difference and allow us to train and employ people experiencing homelessness in our micro-café Ground+Co. Thank you also to the cafes that participate in the CafeSmart initiative – it’s this wonderful community love that helps smaller organisations like us make an impact in the community we’re all part of.” 

For a full list of CafeSmart 2019 recipients, click HERE.

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