CafeSmart takes place this Friday


On 9 August, the coffee industry will unite with StreetSmart Australia’s annual CafeSmart campaign to help combat homelessness.

Participating cafés donate $1 from every coffee sold, directly supporting smaller grassroots homeless charities.

CafeSmart aims to help break the mould of prejudice surrounding homelessness and works to support those who are at risk or are homeless.

StreetSmart has raised $5 million since commencing in 2003, personally funded 1823 projects for 605 organisations. StreetSmart Australia operates at a local level to fund critical services. These smaller organisations are embedded within local communities and need help to respond to the communities needs.

Last year, CafeSmart raised $238,720 for 159 projects, taking total distributions to more than $1 million.

This year, the charity is launching a new initiative, CafeSmart in the workplace, enabling workplaces to get involved during the CafeSmart week. Workplaces can hold a bake sale, coffee morning, or ask for donations for coffee that’s usually.

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