Cafetto explains the benefits of Grinder Clean


Cafetto explains why its Grinder Clean product is an important aspect of regular and correct-procedure cleaning.

When a customer visits a café, they have expectations that the service will be friendly, the environment inviting, and the coffee exceptional. They also assume the venue and barista workstation will be clean, especially the coffee machine and grinder.

Cafetto has developed a broad portfolio of products suited to different equipment and requirements to help the coffee industry maintain safe hygiene and cleaning practices.

“Using a grinder cleaner will help give you consistent dosing. By using our product, it removes build up and reduces blockages, which not only increases the efficacy of the grinder, but helps maintain its longevity,” says Cafetto International Business Manager Jason Bond.

One problem Cafetto has solved in the café industry is the need for an easy-to-use grinder cleaner that doesn’t require disassembling the unit.

“When the cleaner pellets run through the grinder, they dislodge the coffee granules down and take them with them as they pass through the burrs. Water shouldn’t be used to clean the internal parts of a grinder, so a specialist product is required to do the job,” he says.

Jason says grinders are just as busy as espresso machines throughout service, therefore need as much attention.

“We recommend baristas clean the grinder as part of the daily pack-down, the same way we recommend cleaning your espresso machine at the end of each working day. It should only take a few minutes to clean comprehensively,” he says.

Jason says the user can remove the grinder hopper and empty out the coffee beans, then reattach the hopper and turn the power on, adding one capful of Cafetto Grinder Clean into the hopper to get rid of any residue or oils.

“After you’ve added the Grinder Cleaner, grind it through, just as you would coffee beans. Do this at the end of every shift and the grinder will be clean and ready for the morning rush,” he says.

“Cleaning is all about efficiency, protecting your machine, and the end user. If you’re confident with your actions and always use Cafetto cleaning products, your coffee equipment will thank you for it – and so will your customers.”

The naturally produced Grinder Clean is part of Cafetto’s dedication to providing environmentally friendly cleaning alternatives. The organic product contains sustainably sourced ingredients.

“When we were developing this range, we had customers that use organic beans in mind. We think it completes the process of being green,” Jason says.

“We do what we can to improve coffee’s sustainability. An example of this is incorporating ingredients into our products that are produced from food items, plants and minerals.”

To further its commitment to the Australian coffee industry, Cafetto teamed up with Hemro Group and its flagship brand Mahlkönig on an Australian tour in 2023 to launch the EK Omnia Allrounder Coffee Grinder as well as The Sync System, in collaboration with La Marzocco.

“Hemro Group promotes Grinder Clean as the product to use in their new grinder. We are proud to be trusted with the cleaning and maintenance solutions that make sure grinders are running good as new and your coffee comes out on top,” Jason says.

The Grinder Clean is halal certified by the Supreme Islamic Council of Halal Meat in Australia Inc (SICHMA), a certification recognised on a global level. SICHMA is a not-for-profit created to promote halal food, having founded the Australian Halal Certifiers Alliance and the World Halal Food Council.

Jason says Cafetto has developed a holistic range of products to suit all equipment for complete café operations.

“Regularly cleaning a grinder will extend its lifespan, require less maintenance, and keep the coffee quality high,” he says.

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