Cafetto opens Adelaide distribution centre


On 23 November, Australia-based cleaning company Cafetto opened a new distribution centre in Adelaide, near the company’s Brompton factory and head office.

Cafetto Managing Director Christopher Short says the location of the new distribution centre is key to it being able to operate efficiently.

“Being just a few hundred meters away from the factory and office means [communications with the] factory are swift and operational staff can go between the two sites with ease,” Christopher says.

Christopher launched Cafetto in 2003 after seeing a gap in the market for cleaning and sanitation products for coffee machines. Fifteen years later, Cafetto now distributes to more than 30 countries, with a head office in Adelaide and sales offices in Malaysia, and The Netherlands.

Prior to launching the distribution centre, Christopher says Cafetto implemented several strategies to accommodate the company’s growth.

“One of the major issues any business faces as it grows is outgrowing their existing facilities,” Christopher says. “Over the past 10 years we’ve been able to make some modifications to our Coglin Street site to accommodate the growth. We also tried outsourcing our warehousing which gave us more space for manufacturing but ultimately, we knew that to provide the best service to our customers, we need full control over every aspect of the process. That meant bringing our warehousing back in-house.”

“Our business started out with my father’s dream of servicing the Adelaide market with the best cleaning products,” Christopher says.

“Sixty years on, in a much different time, the world is a much smaller place and global business for us is the way forward. My father’s ethos of providing the best products and outstanding service however remains the same. It’s what we instil in our team and why our customers continue our business relationships.”

Hear how Cafetto has supported baristas around the world:

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