Automated milk steamer provides the ultimate Caffe Assist

Caffe Assist

Caffe Assist is the only self-cleaning automated milk steamer on the market. Fill the jug and press a button, how easy is that?

The Caffe Assist® monitors the milk profile and temperature during the entire process of texturing different milk types – precisely the same way as an experienced barista.

This labour-saving technology is programmed by touch screen to ensure an efficient and consistent coffee service that allows for increased positive engagement with customers.

Caffe Assist’s patented steam wand technology promotes full flavour development and is designed to steam all milk variants to perfection. Low fat dairy and alternative milk products all display gloss, sweetness and complexity when prepared using Caffe Assist®.

Connectivity with e-assist® telemetry allows for remote access in real time minimising down time. This feature delivers cost savings and consistency across a brand.

Caffe Assist® neighbours an espresso machine or can be connected to its own boiler.

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