Caffe Buongiorno Modbury

Caffe Buongiorno, or Café B as it’s also known, has been serving its customers for the last 11 years with a family focus and warmth.

Owners and brothers, Brian, Robert and Sam Raslan are no strangers to the hospitality industry, having worked in the field for the last 11 years. Café B opened in 1995 and since 2000 has been owned by the Raslan brothers. The café is a popular place for diners to sit and enjoy an Italian-style atmosphere while indulging in a coffee or traditional Italian food for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

The café provides free internet, easy access and an Italian style with a great al fresco section that seats about 120 people. “It’s a community based café with a community touch,” co-owner Brian says.

The café serves an extensive range of coffees ranging from the normal house brew to the monsoonal blend and decaffeinated. Café B use a 100 per cent arabica coffee beans and Ducale Reale blends as the house brand which Brian describes as a “fresh, smooth, creamy texture with a chocolate overtone that’s a bit acidic.

“We’re trying to bring a little Italian flavour to the adelaide area,” says Brian who is also a teacher at the South Australian Coffee Academy.

Brian is a five-time World Barista championship judge from 2004 to 2008, and was the only South Australian to ever be a World Barista championship judge. He is also a life-long member of the Australasian specialty coffee association (AASCA).
“While we are reluctant to change our brands of coffee, our customers do understand what a good coffee entails and we do look to expand our range.”

The three Raslan brothers say that they put their heart and soul into the business and their strong focus of Italian style food and coffee is largely embraced by the South Australian Community. The family-owned business has won a collection of awards including the Best Restaurant and café category of the Local business awards six times in the last eight years.

Café B is famous for their signature dish, Pollo Principessa, chicken breast served on a bed of sweet potato mash with asparagus, topped off with spring onion and garlic sauce.

Brian says delivering excellence is what the café strives to achieve and he’s proud of the café that he operates with his brothers.

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