Califia Farms Oat Barista Blend

When it comes to dairy alternatives, Australian baristas love Califia Farms Oat Barista Blend because it’s delicious and so easy to work with.

Califia worked closely with the barista community to create this premium plant milk, which is made with whole rolled oats and is completely unsweetened with no added sugar or gums.

Oat Barista Blend is rich with a full-bodied mouthfeel that perfectly complements the natural, robust flavour of coffee without overpowering it.

Equally important, it pours smoothly and steams without splitting which allows you to create delicate foam for impressive latte art.

It’s the ideal dairy alternative for barista quality coffee, without compromising on taste or performance, which is why it’s now served in more than 1500 cafés across Australia.

Califia’s Oat Barista Blend is available now in one-litre shelf-stable cartons.

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