Campaign encourages punters to ‘check’ themselves when visiting venues

check check check campaign

A new campaign called ‘Check. Check. Check.’ is encouraging punters to do their part alongside venues to stay COVID-19 safe, whether that’s their local pub or favourite café.

The campaign from the Night Time Industries Association (NTIA) will encourage the creation of a new ‘going out’ routine and puts the power of keeping COVID-19 safe with patrons who will be asked to:

  • CHECK in with their correct details at the door
  • CHECK their hands by regularly washing and sanitising
  • Keep themselves and their friends safe by keeping their physical distancing ‘in CHECK’

“The entire mission of the campaign is to support our venues in their efforts by showing patrons the simple steps they can take to stay safe,” Michael Rodrigues, Chair of the NTIA, says.

Check. Check. Check. was created to be easy to remember and create an association with the words for patrons.

“Similar to Slip, Slop, Slap, but for indoors, the same way venues are prepping for customers before they arrive, punters need to establish new rituals before they leave the house. In addition to the usual ‘wallet, keys, phone’ moment most of us have before going out, we now need to also make sure we’ve got hand sanitiser and mask,” Michael says.

The NTIA is encouraging venues to get behind the call-to-action with their patrons via a range of campaign materials available to share in-venue and via online channels.

“The campaign will come to life through positive, social media share-able videos and images that we’ll be making available to all types of venues to share, along with posters, coasters and stickers for sinister bottles for on-premise,” Michael says.

“Let’s use this campaign to strengthen the industry so it remains open for business.”

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Image: Earl’s Juke Joint in New South Wales

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