Campos Coffee and Mr Black create Christmas delight

Campos and Mr Black have joined forces to create a liqueur with specialty coffee.

The limited edition coffee liqueur uses Campos’ Kenya Tchakakhani AA, a fully washed single origin.

“Kenya is always on our minds when we think of consistently excellent specialty coffee,” said President of Campos, Will Young. “There’s plenty of chocolate, blackcurrant, berry and citrus notes, which translate perfectly to the liqueur.”

Mr Black’s Master Distiller Phillip Moore said Campos provided the perfect blend for the young Australian brand’s first collaboration.

“We’ve been good friends with the guys at Campos for a while now and they have been supporters since day dot, even letting me have a crack at being a Campos guest taster,” said Phillip. “Their Kenyan Tchakakhani single origin has such a finessed, robust taste that there was no question.”

The Mr Black liqueur can be served over ice or as part of a classic coffee cocktail. It is made from 100 per cent grain spirit and can be mixed with rum, tequila and Absinthe for an extra back-to-work-this-week kick.

Mr Black is the brainchild of Phillip and Tom Baker. Born in 2012, the liqueur is being distilled in Erina in New South Wales.

With online sales already maxed-out, New South Wales’ coffee and alcohol lovers will need to rush to Camperdown Cellars to get a taste of this collaborative delight.

Victorians will get a chance to sample some of Mr Black’s fine fair at the Melbourne International Coffee Expo (MICE) in March. The team is returning in 2016 to keep MICE visitors liquored up from 17 – 19 March.

For those lucky enough to get their hands on the Campos variety, The Barber Shop’s Karle ‘Papi’ Reyes has kindly provided this recipe: Coffee with Black Cherry and Apricot. Did someone say signature beverage inspiration?


•  25ml Mr Black and Campos coffee liqueur

•  40ml Bacardi Carta Blanca

•  15ml apricot brandy

•  1 barspoon of black cherry jam

•  20ml espresso

•  grated nutmeg


•  Shake all ingredients over ice, strain and serve in a chilled coupe.

•  Garnish with grated nutmeg


Image credit: @mrblackspirits

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