Campos Coffee brings two 95+ Geisha coffees to Australia

Campos Coffee geisha

Campos Coffee has announced the release of two Geisha coffees, Super Mario and Jaramillo, from the award-winning Hacienda La Esmeralda coffee farm in Panama.

The natural processed Special Release Super Mario San Jose, which will be available from 1 October, was purchased in an online auction direct from Esmeralda for $524 per kilogram. It will be available for sale in individually sealed 18-gram pouches for $18 per serve.

Jaramillo, available from late November, was secured in the Best of Panama. It attracted the second highest price in the washed process category, with Campos securing the lot for $752 per kilogram. Jaramillo will also be sold in individually sealed pouches for $22 per serve.

Will Young, Founder of Campos Coffee, says Super Mario scored 95 out of 100 on the cupping table with its high-impact berry flavours, while Jaramillo scored 96 with its clean floral notes. The near-perfect scores make these Geisha coffees two of the highest scoring coffees Campos has ever brought to Australia.

“In the coffee world, Panama Geishas are the cream of the crop and these are as close to a perfect 100-point scoring coffee as we’ve ever found. You won’t find a better cup of coffee in Australia,” Will says.

“We want great coffee to be accessible and for everyone to enjoy what has previously only been available to a select few. We’re the only Australian roaster bringing lots from these auctions to the country, which is why we’ve packaged them in individual serves to help share the love.”

While Super Mario will be available to purchase in individually sealed pouches online, for the ultimate Panama Geisha experience, Campos’ expert baristas will brew the coffee to its full potential at its flagship stores throughout October for $22 per cup. Super Mario will also be available at select partner cafés.

“Geisha coffees are in a league of their own, establishing Panama as the Bordeaux of the coffee world,” Will says.

To help celebrate the release of Super Mario on International Coffee Day, Campos will be hosting two pioneers of the global luxury coffee movement at a special Campos Experience Evening.

The event, part of the Game Changers Aussie Tour 2019, will feature Rachel Peterson, Owner of Hacienda La Esmeralda, and Aida Batlle, a fifth-generation coffee producer whose coffees consistently win international championships. Both women have also previously been directors of the Specialty Coffee Association.

“These two amazing women are responsible for raising the bar of coffee quality,” Will says. “Between them, they’ve produced amongst the highest rating coffees ever cultivated and have done so with a focus on sustainability and ethical farming practices.”

The Campos Experience Evening will be held on 2 October from 5:30pm at Campos Coffee HQ. Tickets are available from $15, or for $30 which includes a serve of the Special Release Super Mario coffee. Proceeds from the event will go towards supporting Grounds for Health – a charity working to prevent cervical cancer in coffee countries of origin.

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