Campos Coffee launches sustainable pop-up espresso bar at Melbourne Fashion Week

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Campos Coffee has announced an exclusive partnership with Melbourne Fashion Week that will see Campos running the event’s sustainable pop-up espresso bar.

To raise awareness around sustainability, ethical sourcing, and the power of doing good, the café is designed to inspire positive change at every touchpoint.

Rachel Pullicino, Chief Marketing Officer at Campos Coffee, says sustainability and ethical sourcing were at the core of Campos’s entire value chain, and the partnership with Melbourne Fashion Week is built on shared values and a mission to make the world a better place.

“At Campos we believe good comes from good, and that coffee can play a major role in driving positive change,” Rachel says.

“We want everyone who experiences Campos Coffee to share in our purpose – a purpose we can’t wait to share at Melbourne Fashion Week.”

During the week-long event, which runs from 28 August to 5 September, the pop-up espresso bar will only serve drinks in reusable cups. Attendees will have the option to purchase a special edition Campos Coffee Keep Cup for $10, including a coffee of their choice, then receive refills for just $2 for the rest of the week. Those who bring their own reusable cup can purchase the drink of their choice for $3, while those without reusable cups can enjoy a dine-in coffee in the outdoor lounge.

City of Melbourne Lord Mayor Sally Capp says Melbourne Fashion Week is celebrating its 25th birthday and promoting sustainability and positive change were at the heart of this year’s program.

“Melbourne Fashion Week is about supporting our local retail industry and showcasing our city’s well-earned reputation for being a style capital, but it’s also important for fashion to be more sustainable. At this year’s event we’re helping consumers to think about their fashion choices and the importance of durability as well as style,” Sally says.

In addition to only serving coffee in reusable cups during the event, every element of the pop-up espresso bar has been designed to promote sustainability – both environmental and societal. These include:

  • Offering pastries from Melbourne’s All Are Welcome Viennoiserie and Bread, founded by Boris Portnoy, a baker and pastry chef from Northern California. All Are Welcome collaborates with Merchant Road on the Bread Commons, a workshop series led by immigrant women who bring their knowledge of bread making from their home countries. Merchant Road helps newly arrived immigrant women with barriers to employment use their skill and knowledge to earn money.
  • Installing an ergonomic La Marzocco KB90 coffee machine which has a brand new straight-in mechanism, designed to ensure baristas are comfortable and safe throughout the coffee making process. With sustainability also at the forefront of their innovative thinking, the La Marzocco factory in Florence, Italy, generates electrical power through solar panels on its roof, producing 100 per cent of its electrical needs in order to produce their espresso machines.
  • Partnering with Reground, a Melbourne-based start-up that recycles coffee grounds. The collected grounds go straight to home gardeners and community gardens to create healthy compost. Reground educates the community on the value of using waste as a resource and helps businesses avoid waste in the first place.

Rachel says Campos is excited to bring together all these partners and is looking forward to creating amazing coffee experiences with Melbourne Fashion Week.

“Melbourne Fashion Week is such an iconic event, and we can’t wait to share our beautiful coffee with the fashion world,” she says.

Melbourne Fashion Week will be hosted at Melbourne Town Hall.

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