Campos Coffee makes its highest-grade coffee of 2020 publicly available as at-home connoisseurship booms

Campos Coffee

Campos Coffee has secured a micro-lot of its best coffee of the year to date, one of the highest scoring coffees in the world, and is offering it in limited release imminently.

Campos and its founder, Will Young, have spent years cultivating deep relationships with the world’s top growers and this coffee —the Mario Enero Natural Geisha— comes from Hacienda La Esmeralda in Panama.

“From hundreds of microlots every year, we select a dozen or so that are precious to us, embodying all of the fine attributes that we hope for in a coffee,” says Rachel Peterson, whose family owns the farm in Panama that re-discovered the Geisha variety.

“The Mario Enero Natural is just such a coffee. Full bodied, floral, layered and complex, with notes of jasmine, mandarin oranges, malt, chocolate and mint. This is a gem.”

In the world of specialty coffee, few farms are as celebrated and decorated as Hacienda La Esmeralda of Boquete in Panama. From hundreds of micro-lots every year, Hacienda La Esmeralda select only a dozen or so of their finest lots that are worthy of featuring in their auction. Campos has carefully roasted this lot in small batches to showcase the natural sweetness and complex flavours that are signatures of Esmeralda Geishas, which it says makes for a truly unforgettable coffee experience.

“Every year, we are delighted to purchase from this, the most prestigious of all private coffee auctions: The Panama Esmeralda Special Geisha Auction. Last year, our purchase from the same auction delivered five gold medals in various roasting competitions,” Will Young says.

“This year, we again selected what became the most valuable coffee on their list. This was their brightest, boldest, most high-impact coffee of the year. Wild forest berries, tropical fruit burst, and very sweet like candy. It’s hard to find coffees that score over 90 and this one here is a solid 95.”

Coffee aficionados will have exclusive access to this limited Mario Enero micro-lot Geisha in October. Pre-sales have begun, with Campos anticipating that it will sell out very quickly.  It will also have some café availability starting from 6 November.

Mario Enero Natural Geisha will be available in 50 gram tins.

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